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About me

I love a lot of different kinds of games, I play some AAA titles, but most of all I love Indie titles because they can take a risk and do something totally different of absurd and create a wonderful game that way. Also, I have the feeling that indie developers most of the time have more time and/or more options to pour a lot more love into their games.

I only play games with achievements, I just love the feeling of completing some sort of “to-do” list for the game. Since I play games with achievements I complete a lot more games, before that I played maybe a few hours and then jumped to the next game. I enjoy games that aren’t too challenging and preferable without missable achievements. You won’t find me playing many games where you have to play on hard mode for all the achievements or games that have “no deaths” achievements or things like that. It is also a big pro, in my book, if games don’t take hundreds of hours to complete all the achievements.

The love for video games and the fun in hunting down achievements in amazing games made me start with writing reviews for my steam curator since 2018. I hope to be able to let other people know how many amazing and wonderful video games there are if you just look a little outside the scope of the AAA titles.

Some of my favorite games are Lost Odyssey, Ni No Kuni, Serial Cleaner, Slime Rancher, Forager, Merchant of the Skies, Undead Horde, Iron Marines, Winkeltje, Parkasaurus, SteamWorld Quest, Assemble with Care, Pumpkin Jack, Donut County, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, Children of Morta, Blaze Revolutions, Yoku’s Island Express, Party Hard (1 & 2), Academia: School Simulator, Unheard, House Flipper, and Cloudpunk.