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Aerial_Knights Never Yield – 100% achievement guide

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Welcome to my achievement guide for Aerial_Knights Never Yield.

Aerial_Knights Never Yield has no missable achievements and most achievements can be unlocked on the easiest difficulty. For a few of them that difficulty option isn’t available. Completing the game takes around 3h+ depending on your skill level mostly on the “endless” achievements.

I write this guide based on the gameplay on 2 March 2022, I have done some suggestions to the developer through discord to improve the game a little bit, or make things just a bit less frustrating.

Story related achievements

The following achievements are story related and can’t be missed.

No time to explain
Complete the Prologue

Unlock an outfit

Out of the woods
Complete Level 1

Hello And Goodbye
Complete Level 2

Traffic Sucks
Complete Level 3

A.Knight in the woods
Complete Level 4

On your tail
Complete Level 5

Van and Jam
Complete Level 6

People’s Slow Jam
Complete Level 7

The block’s hot
Complete Level 8

Leave me alone
Complete Level 9

Complete Level 10

Neva gonna get it
Complete Level 11

Cannonball in a city
Complete Level 12

We Out
Complete Level 13

Pride and Accomplishment
Clear all levels

Other achievements

Here I list the other achievement but exclude the Endless mode achievement, as they require a bit more explanation.

Never Quit Never Yield
Die 20 times
This description is quite clear, you have to die 20 times and keep retrying. I think you have to do this in one level, it is easy to get this achievement on purpose.

Head down
Sprint non-stop for 20 seconds
Hold down the sprint button (right) for more than 20 seconds. I did use sprint on a lot of levels all the time while also using the other abilities. This is easiest done on level 7.

Danime Sama
Find time to play a mini game
You can find the first coin to unlock the bonus levels in level 3. After completing the level you will get teleported to a bonus level. You don’t have to complete it for this achievement.

Run it back
Fully enjoy Level 4 Cutscene
You can miss this achievement if you did skip the cutscene while playing through the game. To be able to see it and get this achievement, finish level 3 through the “level selection” at the end of it you’ll see a cutscene and unlock this achievement.

Say less
Fully enjoy Level 5 Cutscene
You can miss this achievement if you did skip the cutscene, but if you go to level 5 through the level selection, the level starts with this cutscene.

Leg Day
10 jumps in a row
This achievement can be easily done on endless mode, as it always starts with 1,5 rounds without any obstacles. Press the up button 10 times without pressing any other button.

Breaker of windows
Break 25 windows
You’ll most likely already got this achievement by playing through the campaign.

Swagged up
Unlock all outfits
At the end of each level you’ll unlock an outfit. For the last outfit, you need to complete a bonus level. The first bonus level you got is quite short (around 30 seconds) but the difficulty can’t be changed. It is very tight and you might need a few tries to beat it. You can go to this level in the level selection menu. The most annoying and rage-inducing part is that if you fail, whatever option you choose, you’ll go back to the main menu (or even further if you tried to impatiently press buttons while seeing the logo of the game) and have to go back to level selection and wait for the game to load it. I have suggested to the developer to let the continue option that normally works fine restart the bonus level as well. I hope this changes in the future so going back to it does not take 10 seconds to watch a logo, go through the menus, and load the level with each try.

Call me if you need me
You’ll definitely Never Yield!
You’ll receive this achievement for unlocking all the other achievements.

Endless Mode Achievements

Here are a few achievements that you can unlock in the endless mode with some tips on how to require them.

Gym Maestro
Succeed all obstacles in endless mode
You unlock this once you’ve got through all the different obstacles in one try, but you’ll unlock this achievement for sure while trying to go for Full Mix.

Track Star
Run a lot of laps in endless mode without failure
I’m unsure how many laps you need to complete for this, but you’ll have unlocked it a long time before you unlock Full Mix.

Full Mix
Make it to the end of the endless mode mix song
This is the hardest and most annoying achievement in the game at this point. You need to play Endless Mode for 30 minutes without failing any obstacle. The most annoying obstacle are the 3 drones, as you need to slide under them but have to be out of the way before they are getting to low to the ground to hit you when you’re too slow. So this obstacle is the most challenging as it requires the most precise timing.

Another thing to keep in mind is to not let your gamer’s brain go for the ? that are throughout this mode, as they make the challenges way harder because they remove the color from the level for a few seconds, so avoid those ?.

There are 2 other methods to make this challenge a bit easier and it might be even useful to combine them a bit, but this achievement will still be annoying, especially if you die when over 20 minutes in a run and have to start all over again (happened to me multiple times.. damn drones :P)

[Methode 1 to make it easier]
Use the pause button the moment you see the first pixels of a new obstacle so your brain has the time to process what it sees and how to handle that obstacle.

[Methode 2 to make it easier]
Use the slide (down) button as much as possible to give your brain time to recognize the obstacles, this also might help to have to go through fewer obstacles because it slows you down but not the music (aka the time).

I used a combination of those 2 with the slide move on the corners and then the pause button when I had the feeling my brain needed a second to recognize the next obstacle.

Thank you

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