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Arietta of Spirits – 100% achievement guide

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Arietta of Spirits


I started writing this when playing through Arietta of Spirits because I heard the game has some missable achievements. I hope this guide will help others get them all.

Story related achievements

Armed Up
Obtain the wooden sword

Wasp Queen
Defeat the Wasp Queen

Become a Bound.

Armed Up Toy
Obtain the Spirit Sword

Huge Roamer
Defeat the Huge Roamer

Family Heirloom
Get to keep Grandma’s Silver Ring

Cabin in The Woods
Find Minerva’s hut

Spikeroot Roamer
Defeat the Spikeroot Roamer

Weed Removal
Obtain the Herbicide

The Conduit
Unlock the Spirit Shield

The Hermit
Find Gibb’s workshop

Cloaked Roamer
Defeat the Cloaked Roamer

Berry Picking
Pick blueberries for mom

The Climb Ahead
Ladders finally fixed

Roamer Behemoth
Defeat the Roamer Behemoth

Final Pages
Complete the Journal

Help Minerva cross over to the afterlife

Sunken Behemoth
Defeat the Sunken Behemoth.

Close Call
Escape from the Sunken Realm.

The End of an Adventure
Complete the game.

Missable achievements

Find Grandma’s portrait
You can find this in the cabin next to your parents’ bed.

Cold Blooded
Kill a butterfly
I saw a butterfly on my way to the apple tree and when I hit it with my sword I got this achievement.

The Outhouse Incident
Help out Father in a sticky situation
On the second day when you go north (to go to the silver mine) the screen above the cabin, you get to a fork in the road. Take the left path and find your father there.

Small Roamer Core
Unlock the Small Roamer Core
You’ll receive this after defeating the big roamer and will be able to unlock it later on. This feels almost story-related since I can’t imagine not unlocking this one.

Supply and Demand
Find all of Midri’s goods.
1. Umbrella – Outside your cabin.
2. Pair of binoculars – In the where you fall in there comes a point where you have to choose between going left or right. On the left side, you find an entrance outside, go outside and you’ll find them. there is also a cub in this outside area.
3. Kite – On your way to the silver mine
4. Mining Helmet – This can be found deep inside the silvermine. It is west of the sleeping quarters, where you find the second set of journal papers.
You have to bring them to Midri to get this achievement.

Medium Roamer Core
Unlock the Medium Roamer Core
I believe you get this one from the Spikeroot boss and have to fill it up with 1500 spirit energy to unlock it.

Large Roamer Core
Unlock the: Large Roamer Core
I don’t think farming this one is needed but in the silvermine, there is a guard roamer close to the exit on the left. Just before the second switch. I used that one to easily farm spirit thingies that are needed to unlock it, because on the screen on the left there is a barrel with a heart (on normal mode).

Harvest all vegetables from the garden
On the day that your dad is sleeping in the cabin living room, go to the garden and swing around with your sword.

Find all lost Spirit Cubs
you can find those little guys everywhere in the game, except for the last “realm”. they make a sound when you’re close to one.
1. North trail, close to the blocked path to the mine
2. In the area north of Minerva’s house
3. In a cave north of Minerva’s house
4. On your way too the apple tree on the map where the trees are in a circle
5. On the screen with the apple trees
6. After the big bridge on your way to the silver mine, go to the right to find one north of the big open area.
7. In the area where you also find the binoculars
8. In the underground cave, southwest of where Acro will point out the switch
9. In the area after Gibb’s workshop
10. On the route south after Gibb’s workshop, just above where you fought the first boss
11. In your garden next to the cabin
12. Almost at the end of the hiking trail
13. Still on the hiking trail, just before the waterfall with a tree trunk on which you walk
14. In the area where the silver ring was before
15. In the cave southwest of where the ring was
16. North of the fixed ladder in a cave
17. One screen before the silvermine entrance
18. In the silver mine, directly northwest of the big door
19. In the silvermine in a room north of a guard roamer
20. In the silvermine, south of the sleeping quarters
I used the order of the following youtube video. If you can’t find a specific one, you can find timestamps on youtube by this video:

Complete the game on Extreme Mode.
This is the hardest achievement in the game. This difficulty will unlock after completing the game for the first time. In this mode you still have checkpoints, but you only have 1 health.

Thank you!

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