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Blossom Tales 2 – World Map with all the collectibles

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Blossom Tales II

Welcome to this guide, The map below isn’t mine, the developer posted it on the steam forum in this topic.

I just choose to combine this map after completing the game myself because I wished I would have marked down everything I found while playing through the story so I didn’t have to visit every single location again to check which items I was missing. I also have added the 4 locations for the combat scrolls.

I would recommend saving this map to your own computer and using some sort of paint program to just mark which one you have found to make cleaning up after finishing the game a whole lot easier. If you see a lot of hearts around one spot, those are in the dungeons. The developer has posted maps of the dungeons in the same topic as linked above. Also, one energy container can be found in a dungeon.

Thank you so much developers to provide those maps!

World Map with all collectibles

Thank You!

Thank you for using this guide. In this case, all the credits go to the developers of this game who provided the maps on the steam forum. I just combined them and added the combat scrolls.

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