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Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince Review

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Blossom Tales II

Blossom ales II is an awesome action-adventure inspired by the old-school Zelda games. It has no missable achievements. Mopping up the last achievements is easier if you record which items you found while playing. 17h+ to 100%


Approximate amount of time to 100%: 17h when using a map to mark collectibles down while playing, otherwise more around 19h
Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Is there a good guide available: No, there is a lot of info about this game, but at separate places, she the bottom of this review to check what I have used
Multiplayer achievements: No
Missable achievements: No
Grinding Achievements: No
DLC-Only achievements: No
Speedrun achievements: No
Time-gated achievements: No
RNG-achievements: No
Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

Blossom Tales 2 is an awesome action-adventure very inspired by the old-school Zelda games. A grandpa is telling his 2 grandchildren a bedtime story where the girl is the main character in the story and the boy is kidnapped by the Minotaur King. What is unique in this setting is that a few times the kids will start bickering about something and you get the choice of which suggestions you want to follow. For example what kind of musical instrument the hero will use, or what kind of mount she has, but also at least one point which enemies the character is fighting, so you can choose the one you prefer. And you got some unique choices, I took a pig as my mount over a horse… just because I could.

The game is quite easy but has some tough enemies, altho you can make it easier if you would seek out the Heart pieces and maybe get the better sword before fighting the final boss. What helps a lot is that the game always saves when you enter a new screen, so you don’t lose much progress at all when you die. I also found the first dungeon the most difficult one to understand, but I have very bad memories of the water dungeon in “Ocarina of Time” so I can say for sure that water dungeons aren’t my favorite. This one isn’t as challenging as the water temple but I just had a hard time wrapping my mind around it. The others were easier to figure out for me, but I can totally see that this is a personal thing.

The achievements are totally what you expect. It is great that the game doesn’t have any missable achievements, this way you can play through the story without worrying about them, but doing it this way may make you backtrack and search a lot harder for missing things at the end. I totally wish that I had used a map, not to find my way but just to mark off which item I found so that when cleaning up I knew what I had still to get. Gladly the developers provide those maps on the steam forum. I took the liberty to combine those different maps into one big one so you can just use one map if you want to mark things off. You can find it here, just save it on your computer and open it in some sort of paint program to mark things off.

For the rest, I have used all different kinds of videos and guides. The Youtuber “David Link05” has some very handy videos for “Blossom Tales 2” and this video from DeltaShinyZeta shows 3 heart pieces and an energy piece at the beginning which are very easy to miss.

So I would recommend tracking what you have found (not necessarily what to hunt for) on a map, but I can totally see why that would destroy a bit of the fun while playing through the game, so know that it still is possible to get all the achievements if you didn’t do it or don’t want to do that.

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This review for Blossom Tales II was written on 18 December 2022, based on the current Steam version of the game which has 20 achievements at the time of writing this review. This information can be outdated, for example, when the developer adds or removes achievements or releases (new) DLC.

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