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Cozy Space Survivors

Cozy Space Survivors Review

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Cozy Space Survivor is an awesome Bullet Heaven where you find also a bunch of quests on the map. It takes around 3 hours to complete and has no missable achievements.

Rusty's Retirement

Rusty’s Retirement Review

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A short and sweet idle game in which you run a farm. I love that it has a mode to be at the bottom of your screen as well as a vertical mode. No missable achievements, completion takes around 140h+

Tempus Bound

Tempus Bound Review

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Tempus Bound is an awesome little hidden gem. It is a puzzle platformer with 8-bit artwork. It has no missable achievements (it has chapter selection) and takes around 3 hours to complete.

Harold Halibut

Harold Halibut Review

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I’m blown away by how much detail went into this game. It is just wonderful to see how lively this world feel and how many details are just right. Unlocking all the achievements will take over 15h.

FoolHut Pack - 3 games in 1

FoolHut Pack – 3 games in 1 Review

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A collection of 4 mini-games. Some of those are challenging. It takes around 2h to unlock all the achievements, none of which are missable.

Mining Mechs

Mining Mechs Review

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Relaxing mining game without enemies. It has one semi-missable achievement but can be achieved early on in the game. It takes around 10h to complete Mining Mechs.

Escape Simulator

Escape Simulator Review

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Awesome escape room game with great puzzles and is a lot of fun with a friend (or 2). It has no missable achievements, 1 achievement for playing coop (both players need a copy), and takes around 12h.

FIND ALL 4: Magic

FIND ALL 4: Magic Review

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This hidden objective game is such a lovely treat. It is so satisfying that the puzzles get more colors the further you get. It takes around 1,5h and has no missable achievements. You can use the in-game hint system without any penalty.

Distant Bloom

Distant Bloom Review

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Lovely game in which you clean up the planet you just landed on. The beginning of the story feels a bit boring and like busy work, but give it time as the game gets so much more enjoyable the more it opens up. It has no missable achievements and takes around 15h to complete.

Go Fight Fantastic

Go Fight Fantastic Review

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A very challenging hack & slash game with some roguelite elements. It has a cute short story. The game is very difficulty in single-player, even on medium or easy. Gladly there is a difficulty option lower than easy to still be able to enjoy the story.