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Cozy Space Survivors Review

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Cozy Space Survivors

Cozy Space Survivor is an awesome Bullet Heaven where you find also a bunch of quests on the map. It takes around 3 hours to complete and has no missable achievements.


Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3h
Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: It is a roguelite, you will do a few runs to get all the achievements
Is there a good guide available: You don’t need a guide
Multiplayer achievements: No
Missable achievements: No
Grinding Achievements: No
DLC-Only achievements: No
Speedrun achievements: No
Time-gated achievements: No
RNG-achievements: No
Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

As some of you might know, I love love love the Bullet Heaven genre. And this is another great entry in the genre. The developer got quite some inspiration from other games and made it into one awesome bullet heaven/roguelite game. What I love about this game is that it has funny quests, but it also doesn’t overstay its welcome.

You start with a basic ship that comes with an ability and you can only add one other ability, which can be found in blue boxes over the map. If you don’t want it, or open up blue boxes after reaching the maximum amount of abilities you get experience to make you stronger, so it is always useful to pick them up. However, you collect chocolate to buy permanent upgrades and that way you can double the number of ability slots you have as well as how strong they are and stuff like that.

When you survive 10 minutes with the first ship you’ll unlock the second one. The same for the 3rd and 4th ship. I found the 3rd one the most challenging, but with enough permanent upgrades, it is very doable.

Next to surviving and leveling up, there are a bunch of quests you can do. When you do them with that ship, you can still go to that place for the reward but don’t have to do them again, but they will reset with a new ship. At first, it is a matter of just stumbling upon a quest and then finding the objective and doing it. However, around your ship, there are a bunch of arrows that show you to interesting spots. The more quests you finish the fewer arrows, so you can easily know where to find the next quest or the objective later on. I thought it was a nice addition. they are very light and small arrows so they don’t get in the way, but if you’re looking for the last few specific things it is nice that there is a way to tell which way to go. I loved the quest for “Spilled!” (An upcoming indie game made by Lente) the most! I recognized the boat instantly and the quests around it made it even better.

The achievements are what you expect. Finish the game with all 4 ships, get all the permanent upgrades, and finish the quests. There is also an achievement for crossing the border of the map a bunch of times because it loops around. It took me around 3 hours to complete Cozy Space Survivor but I saw others unlocking all the achievements in around 2 hours. It has no missable achievements.

I give Cozy Space Survivors 4,5 out of 5 stars.

logo Simonschreibt

logo Simonschreibt

This review for Cozy Space Survivors was written on 6 May 2024, based on the current Steam version of the game which has 34 achievements at the time of writing this review. This information can be outdated, for example, when the developer adds or removes achievements or releases (new) DLC.

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