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Home » Curse of the Sea Rats: Map (Incomplete + Spoilers!) & Great Spot for leveling

Curse of the Sea Rats: Map (Incomplete + Spoilers!) & Great Spot for leveling

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Curse of the Sea Rats


I have doubts about making this review and sharing my map as I wasn’t able to complete the game. Normally I try to have everything complete before making a guide, but since the ending will lock you in without the option to explore anymore, this is as far as I got.

I decided to still share this as it might help others to find some of the hidden rooms (I haven’t found them all) I have to thank the following YouTuber for sharing the secrets rooms he found with me, so I could add a few more:

I hope this map is useful for somebody and they can make a total map of where to find everything. I wish I had made notes when I found which upgrade and which chest with X item, but I only realized this would be helpful very late on in the game because the game doesn’t track everything. Sadly I also haven’t found the Leprechaun’s Gold yet, so you won’t find the location for that on this map, but hopefully, someone figures out where it is hiding and shares the location.

Curse of the Sea Rats Map (Incomplete)

I also found a spot that is perfect for leveling, in case you’re missing some experience to level all characters to the max level. It is where a monster spawn spot is and close to a save point so you can spend your hard-earned experience directly. Sadly it is quite late in the game.

Thank you!

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