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Distant Bloom – 100% Achievement Guide

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Distant Bloom


Welcome to my achievement guide for Distant Bloom.

Distant Bloom doesn’t have any missable achievements. I highly recommend cleaning up as many objects as possible and finishing patches you can while playing through the story. Not only are there certain points where you need to have healed X amount of the land, but it will also help you with not having to do as much after the story is finished.

The Achievements

A New Beginning
Find the Hearthship

Let’s Plant Something
Get the Shovel

Master Petter
Pet a critter
You’ll find little creatures hopping around the world. Press A on a controller or E on a keyboard to pet them.

Use the Ascended Pillars for the first time

Gather all crew members

Knock Knock!
Unlock all Oasis doors
Heal as much land in each area as possible, since it is also needed for the achievement that requires to fully heal the land. When you see an oasis door, approach it to unlock it. This also functions as a world hub in some way.

True friend
Fulfil all wishes for an NPC
In your journal, you can find the wishes of an NPC. The more you fulfill the more will be revealed. The last wish also needs a part of an item from a ruin.

What can’t it do?!
Upgrade the ExoMulti to full capacity

A Cure
Complete the main story (finalize the A CURE quest)

Explore all ruins and collect all broken artifacts
The entrances are round black (very typical) vault doors. After reading the message you can push a button to get a broken item, which always is the last wish of any of the NPC after repairing it at the workbench in your base.

Master Chef
Cook all the recipes
Use at least one fertilizer on every plant type to get at least all the ingredients. The antidotes for the sick animals count as well for this achievement.

Full Bloom
Revitalize all areas in the world
On the map, you can see how many patches you still have left in each area. I highly recommend doing the ones you find and can do while playing through the story so the cleanup at the end of the game isn’t that long.

Master Builder
Build every building
After you finish the story you have only the insect house left to build. This achievement was bugged before but is now fixed. If it didn’t unlock for you, start up the game again after the update on 4 April 2024.

Crystal Collector
Find and collect all Crystalites
There are 1 or 2 in every area, they are quite hidden, and some you can only unlock later on in the game. See the next section on where to find them.


In almost all the areas you can find 1 or 2 crystals. They are hidden quite well. The developers have shared the following map to indicate where to find them:

Distant Bloom Crystal locations

With the help of this map, I made some short YouTube videos to show where you can find them per region. You can find the full playlist here:

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