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Evan’s Remains Review

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Evan’s Remains

Evan’s Remains is a beautiful story-based game with puzzles that are, for the most part, optional. It can be beaten in an hour without reading through it but it’s worth learning about this alluring & mysterious fable.


This is such a beautiful story-based game with additional puzzles. You’ll have to complete 1 or 2 puzzles for the achievements, but as for the rest, you can use the skip option if you don’t want to do them or can’t figure it out. There is also a speed-forward option for the dialogue but I highly recommend that you read it. Evan’s Remains is such a well-crafted story that only takes around 2h to complete. I won’t tell you anything about the story in this review because the plot can easily be spoiled and it is better for you to experience it for yourself.

It has a few easily missed achievements, many are easy enough to find, so to replay the game wouldn’t take you long with all those skipping options, however, I’ll explain those here for all of you who just want to get them during their first attempt:

Take your time: Wait 15 minutes in a puzzle. For this one, you can do this pretty much on any puzzle really but the easiest time to do it will be during the first one.
Boquita papá!: Play part of the game in Spanish. After you get the chapter achievement: “The Garden,” Go back to the main menu and switch the language to Spanish and then continue on with the game. If you are like me and don’t miss out on the story, your save file is stored on the following location and is a simple text file: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Evan_v_3_2_3
Copy-paste it to a save spot, play through the story in Spanish until you’ve gotten the achievement, then place this save-file back in after you close the game. That way you don’t miss anything from the story.
Aurelio: Move to the left directly after the scene with Andre. You’ll find a stranger on a pillar, stand next to the pillar and then go back to the main menu, choose to continue in the main menu and you’ll be at the start of this puzzle. Once you’ve completed it, you’ll get the achievement.
For the Backers: Watch the end of the credits and after that start moving and it will unlock.

This may sound like there are a lot of missable achievements but not really, as it isn’t that hard to do and again, even if you miss something while playing through it the first time, you can easily replay the game in under an hour with the goal of unlocking these remaining achievements in mind.

Give this game a try and I believe you’ll discover a truly wonderful story.


maitan69 (Matías Schmied)

This review is written on 17 July 2020 based on the Steam version which has 17 achievement when I write this review. The information can be outdated when developers add or remove achievements.

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