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Favorite Metroidvania Games

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Metroidvania’s are a lot of fun because your character increases with the abilities it has and that way you’ll be able to reach new spots and secret chambers. Keep in mind that a list like this can change while playing other games in this genre.

Yoku’s Island Express

In Yoku’s Island Express you’re as a bug who is stuck to a ball and have to bring around the post on this tropical island. What I love about indie games is that they can make games that just sound crazy and still pull it off. This is such an example, this is a Metroidvania combined with a pinball mechanism. I don’t like pinball games, but this game is just amazing!

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Songbird Symphony

In Songbord Symphony you’re playing as bird. A chick looking for his family. This is another crazy combo that shouldn’t work on paper but was excellent in this game: Metroidvania combined with a rythm game.


In Minit is another game with a twist, but this time the twist is that you only have runs of 60 seconds in which you can change something in this game world permanently but you have to get there and do it in 60 seconds before you end up at home again.

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SuperEpic: The Entertainment War

Finally a game in this list without a twist SuperEpic. Although it has a mechanism were you scan a QR code with your mobile to play a mini-game on your phone, but this is just a small part. this game has a lot of humor, it makes jokes about the game industry in general. So expect jokes about loot boxes and other things you see those days within the gaming industry.

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In Supraland is a fun Metroidvania which claims to have one of the smallest worlds, because the game takes place in a children’s sandbox. You get some amazing gadgets which you have to use in all sorts of ways to unlock new areas.