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Favorite Stealth Games

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Party Hard screenshot

The stealth genre is one that I enjoy so much. Most of them are about killing enemies while not getting detected but there are a few that do something different. Keep in mind that a list like this can change while playing other games in this genre.

Serial Cleaner

In Serial Cleaner you’re playing a character that is hired to clean crime scenes while the police is already running around investigating the scene. Of course, you can’t be detected by the police, but you have to clean the crime scene. The concept for this game is crazy but I love this game so much, it isn’t only one of the coolest stealth games I have played but also one of the best Indie titles released in my opinion. The sequel for this title should be releasing really soon and it is one of my most anticipated Indie games.

You can find here my review for Serial Cleaners.

Party Hard (1)

In Party Hard you try to sleep, but the party next to your house is keeping you awake. You get so angry that you decide to kill everybody at this party. This game is crazy and you need some patience, but it is so much fun. You can interact with a lot of objects. Have different ways to kill people and you can even try that other people take the blame and get arrested. There is a sequel to this game “Party Hard 2” which is also amazing. It is a lot bigger and has more challenging achievements.

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In Picklock you will not kill anyone and don’t find any real crime scenes, but you’ll break into all kinds of buildings in your neighborhood and steal their valuables. It is quite a short game but I had so much fun playing it.

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Untitled Goose Game

In Untitled Goose Game you play a very mean Goose, who will disturb a small neighborhood. You start in one scene but will unlock a bigger area and can even let neighbors interact with each other by stealing items from one person and bring them to the yard of another one, or put that item for sale in a shop so the neighbor has to buy it. This game can even be played in local co-op mode.

I don’t have a review for this one listed on this website because there are a few achievements that are almost impossible in my opinion. You have to complete each area within a specific time, and I have tried to get those but wasn’t able to.

El Hijo

In El Hijo you play as a boy that tries to get to his mom and escape from some bad people. The unique thing about this game is that you’re playing as a kid and only have access to items that a kid could have. So you won’t be killing any person in this game, only try to distract them in different kinds of ways to get past them.

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