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Games without missable achievements

Looking to play a game while not have to worry about missable achievements? Don’t want to read if you have to do something specific to get the achievements before it is too late? Totally understandable! I love it when games don’t have missable achievements.

The list below can be sorted on each column, so you can decide what kind of game or time investment you’re looking for.

GameGenreDifficultyHours to 100%Release date on Steam
Distant BloomAdventure1. Easy1503/27/2024
Go Fight FantasticAction3. Hard1503/26/2024
TchiaAdventure1. Easy2503/21/2024
Pesticide Not RequiredAction3. Hard3003/18/2024
Bore BlastersAction1. Easy2003/08/2024
Minami LaneSimulation1. Easy302/28/2024
BeaureCardCard Game2. Medium802/21/2024
BalatroCard Game2. Medium100+02/20/2024
Turnip Boy Robs a BankAction2. Medium701/18/2024
CursorbladeAction3. Hard1011/06/2023
Iron Marines InvasionAction3. Hard1511/03/2023
Slime 3K: Rise Against DespotAction2. Medium1511/02/2023
Garden BuddiesCasual1. Easy110/20/2023
Cattails: Wildwood StoryAdventure2. Medium3010/20/2023
Knight vs Giant: The Broken ExcaliburAction1. Easy1810/05/2023
Pizza PossumAction1. Easy409/28/2023
FIND ALL 4: MagicPuzzle1. Easy1.509/27/2023
Elemental SurvivorsAction1. Easy808/25/2023
Moving Out 2Action1. Easy1508/15/2023
I commissioned some unicornsPuzzle1. Easy107/28/2023
Super Intern StoryAction3. Hard1007/26/2023
Whispire SurvivorsAction3. Hard1007/20/2023
DROSPlatformer3. Hard1407/20/2023
SETTRISPuzzle1. Easy406/15/2023
I commissioned some pigeonsPuzzle1. Easy106/13/2023
Smushi Come HomeAdventure1. Easy506/10/2023
Army of RuinAction1. Easy6006/08/2023
Everdream ValleySimulation1. Easy2505/30/2023
I commissioned some micePuzzle1. Easy105/26/2023
I commissioned some bees 15Puzzle1. Easy1,505/11/2023
I commissioned some dogs 2Puzzle1. Easy105/05/2023
Mail TimeAdventure1. Easy404/27/2023
I commissioned some frogsPuzzle1. Easy104/21/2023
Elena’s Journal: To AtlantisTime Management1. Easy1004/20/2023
I commissioned some ladybugsPuzzle1. Easy104/13/2023
Plantera 2: Golden AcornIdle1. Easy604/12/2023
SpiritfallAction1. Easy304/03/2023
I commissioned some dogsPuzzle1. Easy103/30/2023
DREDGESimulation1. Easy1903/30/2023
Flame KeeperAction2. Medium503/17/2023
Figment 2: Creed ValleyAdventure1. Easy503/09/2023
Masterplan TycoonPuzzle2. Medium1203/09/2023
Hotel RenovatorSimulation1. Easy1303/07/2023
Patch QuestAction1. Easy2503/02/2023
I commissioned some bees 14Puzzle1. Easy1,303/02/2023
Pixel Survivors: RoguelikeAction3. Hard3002/24/2023
I commissioned some catsPuzzle1. Easy0,802/16/2023
Berry PeopleAdventure1. Easy1,502/14/2023
Rhythm Sprout: Sick Beats & Bad SweetsRhythm3. Hard8+02/01/2023
Secret Diaries: Manage a ManorTime management1. Easy801/30/2023
I commissioned some bunniesPuzzle1. Easy101/26/2023
WHALIEN – Unexpected GuestsPlatformer1. Easy501/24/2023
WW2 RebuilderSimulation1. Easy1401/16/2023
Luck be a LandlordPuzzle2. Medium15001/06/2023
I commissioned some bees 12 DaysPuzzle1. Easy112/27/2022
Lil Gator GameAdventure1. Easy612/14/2022
WavetaleAdventure1. Easy612/12/2022
Chained EchoesRPG1. Easy5512/08/2022
I commissioned some bees (advent)Puzzle1. Easy1,512/01/2022
Undercover – Blood BondsTime management1. Easy911/17/2022
I commissioned some bees 10Puzzle1. Easy111/17/2022
Bound by BladesAction2. Medium1111/15/2022
LunisticePlatformer2. Medium1211/10/2022
I commissioned some bees 9Puzzle1. Easy111/03/2022
Lonesome VillageAdventure1. Easy1511/01/2022
NecroBoy: Path to EvilshipPuzzle2. Medium610/31/2022
Package RushPuzzle2. Medium410/28/2022
The Pinball WizardAction1. Easy2,510/27/2022
Void ScrappersAction2. Medium1310/21/2022
I commissioned some bees 8Puzzle1. Easy110/20/2022
Harmony’s OdysseyPuzzle1. Easy510/19/2022
TrifoxPlatformer1. Easy810/14/2022
IndoorlandsSimulation1. Easy1710/14/2022
Nomad SurvivalAction2. Medium4510/09/2022
I commissioned some bees 7Puzzle1. Easy109/29/2022
Arcane Arts Academy 2Time Management1. Easy1009/22/2022
Beacon PinesAdventure1. Easy609/22/2022
I commissioned some bees 6Puzzle1. Easy109/08/2022
JUSTICE SUCKS: Tactical Vacuum ActionAction2. Medium1509/08/2022
Jack MoveRPG1. Easy809/08/2022
MechanibotAction1. Easy1208/31/2022
TinykinAdventure3. Hard1308/30/2022
Arcade ParadiseSimulation3. Hard5008/22/2022
I commissioned some bees 5Puzzle1. Easy108/18/2022
Bounty of OneAction3. Hard3008/18/2022
Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur PrinceAdventure1. Easy1708/16/2022
I commissioned some bees 4Puzzle1. Easy107/28/2022
HeadlandAction1. Easy607/26/2022
Hell PiePlatformer2. Medium2507/21/2022
Elena’s Journal – Unfinished ExpeditionTime management1. Easy907/14/2022
I commissioned some bees 3Puzzle1. Easy107/12/2022
Monument Valley: Panoramic EditionPuzzle1. Easy307/12/2022
I commissioned some bees 2Puzzle1. Easy106/23/2022
LumbearjackAdventure1. Easy2,506/11/2022
I commissioned some beesPuzzle1. Easy105/30/2022
Kao the KangarooPlatformer1. Easy1005/27/2022
SonorityPuzzle1. Easy905/25/2022
Spirit Hunters: Infinite HordeAction1. Easy4005/25/2022
Eiyuden Chronicle: RisingRPG1. Easy1805/10/2022
Dandy & Randy DXAction1. Easy304/29/2022
Godlike BurgerAction2. Easy2704/21/2022
Princess FarmerPuzzle1. Easy2503/31/2022
FixFoxAdventure1. Easy1203/31/2022
Barbarous 2 – Tavern WarsTime management1. Easy903/28/2022
Smart Factory TycoonSimulation1. Easy1103/26/2022
SudocatsPuzzle1. Easy1,503/14/2022
Submerged: Hidden DepthsAdventure1. Easy903/10/2022
Claire’s Cruisin’ Cafe: High Seas CuisineTime Management2. Medium902/16/2022
Grapple DogPlatformer3. Hard1002/10/2022
ZodiacatsPuzzle1. Easy201/21/2022
Ever Seen a Cat?Puzzle1. Easy201/18/2022
Nobody Saves the WorldRPG1. Easy3501/18/2022
Mary Skelter 2RPG2. Medium6501/13/2022
Vampire SurvivorsAction2. Medium1612/17/2021
Space Warlord Organ Trading SimulatorSimulation1. Easy312/7/2021
ArchvaleAction3. Hard1012/02/2021
Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 2Adventure1. Easy3.511/19/2021
DYSMANTLEAction2. Medium6011/16/2021
Grow: Song of the EvertreeAdventure1. Easy2011/16/2021
GigapocalypseAction1. Easy3511/12/2021
CatanaPuzzle1. Easy911/10/2021
UnpackingPuzzle1. Easy311/02/2021
Baking Bustle: Ashley’s DreamTime management1. Easy310/27/2021
Escape SimulatorPuzzle2. Medium1210/19/2021
Bear’s RestaurantAdventure1. Easy410/06/2021
The Last FriendAction2. Medium1209/30/2021
Skeletal AvengerAction2. Medium2009/29/2021
TOEMAdventure1. Easy509/17/2021
ScrapnautSimulation2. Medium809/15/2021
Flynn: Son of CrimsonAction1. Easy809/15/2021
The Artful EscapeAdventure1. Easy409/09/2021
Kitaria FablesRPG1. Easy3009/02/2021
TinytopiaSimulation2. Medium1208/30/2021
Hell ArchitectSimulation2. Medium2008/18/2021
Seed of LifePlatformer2. Medium508/11/2021
Garden StoryAdventure1. Easy1508/11/2021
Haven ParkAdventure1. Easy408/05/2021
Ayo the ClownPlatformer1. Easy1007/28/2021
Last StopAdventure1. Easy407/22/2021
Mini MotorwaysPuzzle3. Hard1007/20/2021
OnirikePlatformer2. Medium606/29/2021
Undead & BeyondAction2. Medium506/26/2021
Beasts of Maravilla IslandAdventure1. Easy2.506/12/2021
FIND ALLPuzzle1. Easy106/03/2021
Polyville CanyonSimulation1. Easy1005/20/2021
The Wild at HeartAdventure1. Easy1505/20/2021
Aerial_Knight’s Never YieldRunner2. Medium305/19/2021
Galactic Mining CorpAction1. Easy4005/18/2021
HammerHelmRPG1. Easy1204/29/2021
Turnip Boy Commits Tax EvasionAdventure2. Medium2.504/22/2021
Rain on Your ParadeAction2. Medium1504/15/2021
Space Otter CharliePlatformer2. Medium703/18/2021
Dwarf JourneyAction2. Medium1103/05/2021
Loop HeroStrategy2. Medium6003/04/2021
Sword of the NecromancerAction2. Medium1201/28/2021
Tiny LandsPuzzle1. Easy201/22/2021
Ocean’s HeartAction2. Medium1401/21/2021
CalicoAdventure1. Easy512/15/2020
Alba: A Wildlife AdventureAdventure1. Easy312/11/2020
El Hijo – A Wild West TaleAction2. Medium1512/03/2020
The Unexpected QuestAdventure1. Easy1011/27/2020
QbioIdle1. Easy2510/30/2020
Claire’s Cruisin’ CafeTime management1. Easy710/29/2020
Pumpkin JackPlatformer2. Medium1010/23/2020
Alchemist SimulatorSimulation1. Easy710/23/2020
Devious Dungeon 2Platformer2. Medium1010/21/2020
Dungeon OriginsAdventure2. Medium501/23/2020
SuperEpic: The Entertainment WarAction2. Medium3012/12/2019
Hermes: War of the GodsTime management1. Easy912/5/2019
SparkliteAction2. Medium1211/14/2019
VoxelgramPuzzle2. Medium3011/07/2019
Viking Brothers 6Time management1. Easy1009/25/2019
Cat Quest IIRPG2. Medium1409/24/2019
Children of MortaAction2. Medium2509/03/2019
Battle Royale TycoonSimulator1. Easy409/02/2019
Dandy & RandyAction1. Easy409/02/2019
Welcome to Primrose LakeTime management1. Easy709/01/2019
Devious DungeonAction2. Medium608/16/2019
Roombo: First BloodAction2. Medium208/08/2019
Cooking Trip: Back on the roadTime management1. Easy7.507/17/2019
Total Party KillPuzzle1. Easy207/03/2019
The Final BossAction2. Medium206/13/2019
Aquaculture Land: Fish Farming SimulationSimulation1. Easy1506/07/2019
SteamWorld Quest: Hand of GilgamechRPG3. Hard2705/31/2019
There The LightAdventure1. Medium205/31/2019
Super Tennis BlastSports2. Medeium705/24/2019
LocomotionPuzzle1. Easy705/10/2019
SnakeybusAction2. Medium205/10/2019
Argonauts Agency: Pandora’s BoxTime management1. Easy604/18/2019
UnheardSimulation1. Easy303/29/2019
Let’s Sing 2019Casual2. Medium703/03/2019
Secret Saga: Xamadeon StonePuzzle1. Easy702/28/2019
Argonauts Agency: Golden FleeceTime management1. Easy602/22/2019
Hermes: Rescue MissionTime management1. Easy602/13/2019
AWAY: Journey to the UnexpectedAction2. Medium502/13/2019
Macrotis: A Mother’s JourneyAdventure1. Easy702/08/2019
Katy and Bob: Cake CaféTime management1. Easy5.512/07/2018
My Big SisterAdventure1. Easy511/09/2018
Party Hard 2Action2. Medium2510/25/2018
Farm TogetherSimulation1. Easy15010/11/2018
My Brother RabbitPuzzle1. Easy409/21/2018
The Gardens BetweenPuzzle1. Easy209/20/2018
Hero of the Kingdom IIIRPG1. Easy808/30/2018
Donut CountyPuzzle1. Easy2.508/28/2018
Thief of ThievesAction2. Medium1407/16/2018
Super Destronaut DXAction1. Easy0.507/13/2018
Adventure Delivery ServiceAction3. Hard1006/15/2018
Yoku’s Island ExpressAdventure2. Medium1505/29/2018
House FlipperSimulation1. Easy3005/17/2018
FRAMED CollectionAdventure1. Easy405/17/2018
Omensight: Definitive EditionAction2. Medium1105/15/2018
Lost NovaAdventure1. Easy705/1//2022
Let’s JourneyIdle1. Easy7010/08/2020
IkenfellRPG2. Medium2010/08/2020
TamarinPlatformer2. Medium1509/10/2020
Nexomon: ExtinctionRPG1. Easy6008/28/2020
New Super Lucky’s TalePlatformer1. Easy1008/21/2020
There Is No Game: Wrong DimensionPoint & Click1. Easy608/06/2020
Wind PeaksPuzzle1. Easy407/29/2020
CarrionAction1. Easy707/23/2020
Blaze RevolutionsAction1. Easy907/15/2020
NexomonRPG1. Easy5007/10/2020
Inexistence RebirthAction2. Medium905/22/2020
Heart’s Medicine – Season OneTime management1. Easy1005/14/2020
Amy’s GreenmartTime management1. Easy12.505/11/2020
KnotBotPuzzle2. Medium105/08/2020
PicklockAction1. Easy605/07/2020
Another Brick in The MallSimulation1. Easy2304/30/2020
Merchant of the SkiesAdventure2. Medium1004/17/2020
Hero of the Kingdom: The Lost Tales 1RPG1. Easy3.504/17/2020
Piczle Cross AdventurePuzzle2. Medium2004/16/2020
Viking HeroesTime management1. Easy904/16/2020
Random Heroes: Gold EditionAction2. Medium304/10/2020
SagradaBoard game2. Medium903/31/2020
Assemble with CareAdventure1. Easy203/26/2020
Chickduck & CatduckPuzzle1. Easy0.503/22/2020
Dwarf ShopSimulation1. Easy803/19/2020
Hidden Through TimePuzzle1. Easy303/12/2020
Barbarous: Tavern Of EmyrTime management1. Easy602/27/2020
Creepy TaleAdventure1. Easy102/21/2020
Puppy CrossPuzzle2. Medium1502/11/2020
The wild AgeStrategy1. Easy3402/04/2020
PictoQuestPuzzle1. Easy1202/04/2020
Infectonator 3: ApocalypseAction2. Medium1205/10/2018
Fabulous – Angela’s Wedding DisasterTime management1. Easy1204/30/2018
E-StartupSimulation1. Easy204/26/2018
ToaZZlePuzzle1. Easy503/20/2018
ChuchelAdventure1. Easy403/07/2018
Verdant SkiesSimulation1. Easy2002/12/2018
OPUS: Rocket of WhispersAdventure1. Easy502/08/2018
Tesla vs LovecraftAction2. Medium1601/26/2018
Assassin’s Creed OriginsAction2. Medium7010/27/2017
Mad Age & This GuyPuzzle2. Medium1210/24/2017
Rex: Another IslandPlatformer2. Medium210/18/2017
Katy and Bob Way Back HomeTime management2. Medium1010/17/2017
Katy and Bob: Safari CafeTime management1. Easy610/15/2017
HEADLINERAdventure1. Easy410/03/2017
Ticket to Ride: First JourneyBoard game1. Easy709/27/2017
Another Lost Phone: Laura’s StoryPuzzle1. Easy209/21/2017
Academia : School SimulatorSimulator1. Easy10009/08/2017
Alicia Quatermain: Secrets Of The Lost TreasuresTime management1. Easy509/01/2017
PolygoneerAction2. Medium108/24/2017
Great eSports ManagerSimulation1. Easy608/16/2017
Slime RancherAction2. Medium3708/01/2017
Yonder: The Cloud Catcher ChroniclesAdventure1. Easy3007/18/2017
Serial CleanerAction2. Medium1007/14/2017
Heart’s Medicine – Hospital HeatTime management2. Medium13.505/23/2017
Skylar & Plux: Adventure On Clover IslandPlatformer1. Easy505/19/2017
Delicious – Emily’s Message in a BottleTime management1. Easy1812/10/2016
Lara Croft GOPuzzle2. Medium812/04/2016
Glass MasqueradePuzzle1. Easy511/18/2016
Zombo Buster RisingAction1. Easy2,510/03/2016
Heart’s Medicine – Time to HealTime management1. Easy1609/20/2016
MaroonersCasual2. Medium1609/15/2016
Seasons After FallPlatformer1. Easy1109/02/2016
OvercookedTime management2. Medium1208/03/2016
12 Labours of Hercules V: Kids of HellasTime management2. Medium1506/17/2016
MegapolisPuzzle2. Medium1506/15/2016
HunieCam StudioSimulation1. Easy1204/04/2016
Epistory – Typing ChroniclesAdventure3. Hard1203/30/2016
12 Labours of Hercules IV: Mother NatureTime management2. Medium1412/25/2015
Gnomes GardenTime management2. Medium812/18/2015
Among the HeavensTime management1. Easy711/06/2015
Game Corp DXSimulation1. Easy410/02/2015
Party HardAction3. Hard1708/25/2015
12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl PowerTime management2. Medium1308/07/2015
SubmergedAdventure1. Easy408/04/2015
12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan BullTime management2. Medium1006/05/2015
Heroes of LootAction1. Easy305/26/2015
WindwardAdventure1. Easy1905/12/2015
Dungeons 2Action2. Medium3004/24/2015
12 Labours of HerculesTime management2. Medium903/23/2015
Life is StrangeAdventure1. Easy1901/30/2015
Let’s SingCasual1. Easy402/13/2014
Hero of the KingdomAdventure1. Easy511/14/2013
Game Dev TycoonSimulation2. Medium3508/29/2013