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Go-Go Town! – 100% achievement Guide

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Go-Go Town!


Welcome to my achievement guide for Go-Go Town!

This game releases in early access, which means that achievements can change and new achievements might be added during Early access or while the game releases in 1.0.

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have to do a lot yourself, but you unlock workers the further you get, so don’t run away if you feel a little overwhelmed in the beginning, it will get better. And you don’t want to run from this town that can become as beautiful as you want it to be!

None of the achievements are missable or challenging, so take your time and enjoy the ride. This guide is there just for when you want to look something up or are struggling with anything, but don’t worry while playing the game.

You got this! Just have fun <3


It’s not a Bug, it’s a Feature
Find and drive a Pill Bug
You can find the pill bug in the forest area close to the Forestry zone. this can be done very early on in the game. In this video I’ll show you where you’ll find this cutie:

Taking out the Trash
Drop off 150 Items to the Garbage Disposal
You can pick up trash from the ground and get it out of trash cans to throw it in the garbage disposal. A lot of them you’ll do early on when you don’t have a maintance office, but don’t feel the need to get it before then.

If you Build it, they will Come
Get 30 people to join the Town
Each person has their own requirement before they join your city. There are more than enough people that want to join your city, so don’t feel the need to satisfy every single one if you have to go out of your way to satisfy them.

Don’t leave me Hanging
High Five 30 times
This is easiest done around the station, as the highest amount of traffic is around that area. The same people will count toward this achievement.

Chicken Dance
High Five 10 Chickens
The chicken coop is part of the tech tree level 5. Once you’ve built the chicken coop you can high-five with the chickens!

Rock On
Win 10 Games of Rock, Paper, Scissors
This has to be done in co-op mode, but if you have a controller and a keyboard you can do this easily by yourself. It is a mini-game which you find under the section where also the high-five is.

I don’t have a License
Drift for 30 Seconds
there are 2 cars available in town for you to use. One is between the wood and stone area and the other between the farming and fishing area. Just hold down the drift button for 30 seconds while driving around. This is easier early on in the game as the city will have less buildings. You can build roads to make it even easier, but that is quite unnecessary.

Driver’s Ed
Run over 20 People
You have to run over 20 different people for this achievement. I did this with the car, so I’m unsure if other transportation items will work as well. Hit people when they cross the street, easiest done around the station again as this has the highest amount of people crossing that section.

Fish and Chips
Catch 50 Fish, Grow 50 Potatoes
I recommend not focussing on this early on, as in the beginning you don’t need potatoes at all. This is only usefull after building the fast food restaurant.

Max Planks
Chainsaw down 200 Trees
You don’t have to pick up the wood, just use the chainsaw on 200 trees to chop them down. I recommend doing this over the coruse of the game, so it isn’t as much at once at the end of the game. You can take the chainsaw into the wood area where you can also find the Pill Bug.

Hi Bob
Build 100 Building / Decorations
You’ll complete this one over time. As you most likely will build more than 100 buildings/decorations.

I Live My Life a Quarter Mile at a Time
Drive for a Certain Distance
You will have to drive quite a long distance. This was one of my last achievements. every vehicle counts, which is so nice as I prefered the skateboard over the car or any other vehicle (sorry Pill bug, even over you :P).

Living on a Prayer
Get half way up the Town Ranking
This achievement is kinda story-related because by playing through the game and doing the challenges to unlock new tiers, you’ll get higher on the town ranking.

He’s actually a Nice Guy when you get to know Him
Get Grumbo to join the town

It’s so lonely up here
Reach the top of the Town Ranking
I’m unsure if you need to have completed challenge 10 for this, but I did and a little afterwards I passed the number one and took the top spot on the town ranking list.

Ego Boost
Achieve 10000 EGO
One of the 2 grindy achievements for when you finished the challenges. Because you need to have this amount of EGO for this achievement to pop and while you’re still leveling up you have a maximum limit. This achievement might chance to accumulative later on and/or the amount might change.

I’m Comfortably Well-Off
Obtain 10000 Coins
This is atm a real grind. As you need to have this “in stock” for the achievement to pop. And the amount is very high when i write this, but the amount might lower or get accumulative. At this moment I highly recommend not paying that agent 50k before you get this achievement, as that is 1/5 of the amount needed. Gladly the game keeps running even when in the background. So you keep the game running while your workes do all the work.

Tech Tree achievements

When you reach a specific threshold for a new rank, you’ll get a call for a challenge. If you fail this challenge you can just restart it without any problem. Most of the challenges have 2 different components: one is having build a specific thing or a specific amount of things and the other is earning a specific amount of money during that day. It is recommended to start challenges at the beginning of the day so the money part isn’t a problem.

under the achievements below I’ll list the requirements of each challenge. The achievement pops as soon as you finish the challenge.

Note from the developer: Challenge requirements may change post release in future updates, maybe…

Tier 1 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 1 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 100
Build: 1 x Small Fitout Craft Corner
Build: 1 x Small Fitout Eat N’ Go
Build: 6 x Lamppost Decorations

Tier 2 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 2 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 250
Build: 1 x Forestry Zone Time Clock
Build: 1 x Mining Zone Time Clock
Build: 1 x Seafood Converter

Tier 3 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 3 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 300
Build: 1 x Fabricator
Build: 1 x Assembler
Build: 1 x Maintenance Office

Tier 4 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 4 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 350
Build: 1 x Courier Building
Build: 1 x TownCo. Exports Building
Build: 1 x Cow Stall

Tier 5 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 5 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 400
Build: 1 x Garbage Recycler
Build: 3 x Apartments
Build: 1 x Medium Fitout Fast Food

Tier 6 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 6 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 450
Build: 1 x Tourism Hub
Build: 1 x Medium Fitout Health Food Shop
Build 1 x Small Fitout Pizzeria

Tier 7 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 7 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 500
Build: 1 x Large Fitout Movie Theatre
Build: 1 x Large Fitout Diner
Build: 2 x Distiller
Build: 2 x Mana Extractor

Tier 8 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 8 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 550
Build: 5 x Apartments
Build: 2 x Courier Buildings
Build: 2 x Maintenance Offices
Build: 1 x Large Fitout Fitness Gym

Tier 9 Tech Tree
Unlock Tier 9 Tech Tree
Earn Coin: 600
Build: 1 x Large Fitout Tavern
Build: 1 x Medium Fitout Day Spa
Build: 10 x Trees
Build: 2 x Fountains

Requirements for challenge 10:
Earn Coin: 650
Build: 7 x Small Shops
Build: 9 x Medium Shops
Build: 10 x Large Shops

Thank you!

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