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Grapple Dog – 100% Achievement Guide

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Grapple Dog


Welcome to my Achievement Guide for Grapple Dog.

Most of the achievements will be very clear what you need to do for them, but I’ve listed them all to just have a complete overview of the achievements in this guide. None of the achievements are missable.

You can use the accessibility options to don’t get a penalty when you get damage and to have an infinite amount of (air) jumps. You can see those settings and still unlock the achievements. Both will help a lot with almost all-time trials as most levels are vertical orientated as well as horizontal orientated. The time trial on level 3-2 will still be a challenge even with those settings on.

Story Related Achievements

The following achievements are story related:

One Step At A Time…
Complete a Stage

Mountain Climber
Complete World 1

Beach Master
Complete World 2

Hot Dog
Complete World 3

Dragon Slayer
Complete World 4

Nul Defeated
Complete World 5

Grapple Dog
Complete World 6

Purple Gems Achievements

For those achievements, you have to find all 5 gems in each stage, find at least 220 fruits in each stage (which gives 2 purple gems) and complete all the bonus levels. There are 300 purple gems in total.

A Little Bonus Stage, As A Treat
Complete a Bonus Stage

Purple Gem Rookie
Collect 25% of all Purple Gems

Purple Gem Expert
Collect 50% of all Purple Gems

Purple Gem Master
Collect 75% of all Purple Gems

Purple Gem Legend
Collect all Purple Gems

Time Trial Achievements

For the following achievements, you’ll need to finish every level with a gold medal in time trial mode. For the time trial mode to unlock you’ll have to finish the level first. You won’t see any fruits or gems in this mode so it isn’t possible to combine. There are 33 Gold medals in total.

However it is possible to use the accessibility options in the time trials, so you don’t have to worry about getting damaged, or to make it a whole to easier, to have an infinity amount of jumps. With this infinity amount of jumps on almost all the time trials are quite easy except for 3-1 and especially 3-2 as those levels are more horizontal orientated and don’t use as much vertical orientated. For level 3-2 you have to learn how to use your grapple hook really well and use it in a way to boost yourself moving horizontally.

Going For Walkies
Complete a Time Trial

Super Speed
Collect 11 Gold Time Trial Medals

Ultra Speed
Collect 22 Gold Time Trial Medals

Hyper Speed
Collect all Gold Time Trial Medals

Other Achievements

Good Eats
Give a Goat a Carrot
You can do this on the first level, but the goats can be fine on a few other levels in the first world. Close by a goat with a speech bubble that shows a carrot, you’ll find a carrot. Pick the carrot up and go back to the goat to give it to him. You will need to do this to get all the purple gems.

The Palm, The Seed, The Fruit
Knock down a Coconut with your Grapple
You will probably already do this by accident, but the earliest you can do this is at the start of level 2-1.

Good Boy
Pet the Dog
You can pet Pablo at the end of each level on the screen where you see your total score.

Nap Time
Let Pablo have a nap for a bit
On the boat you can go to Pablo’s room, it is the room with the game console as well. You have to let Pablo sleep for 10 minutes to unlock this achievement.

Isn’t There Something You Should Be Doing?
Get a score of 10000 in Boomerang Bandit
you can play Boomerang Bandit on the game console in Pablo’s room. Use the boomerang to score points, try to hit 3 or more enemies within the same throw. You can shoot enemies that get too close while you have thrown your boomerang.

Top Dog
Achieve 100% Completion

Thank you!

Thank you for using my guide. If you found the guide helpful, please consider following my curator page