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Justice Sucks Achievement Guide

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Justice Sucks


Welcome to my achievement guide for Justice Sucks.
What an amazing game! I had so much fun and it has awesome music.

The game has no missable achievements as there is level selection. There is one achievement that is very very grindy and I didn’t go for that one as I didn’t even come close to getting in while playing through each level a few times for this guide.

A general tip, in the case you have to kill multiple enemies with one trap. Lower the health of as many enemies as possible, so you have a higher chance to get enemies with low health close to the trap and for the trap to really kill them.

Do you prefer to watch youtube videos to see how to unlock the achievements? Here you can find my playlist with some of the challenging achievements:

Story Related Achievements

I, Dusty McClean, have a dream!
Enter the TV world
Story-related unlocks after completing the first area.

Maximum Dusty
Reach maximum power level
I think this is story related, as you need the power to unlock the new areas.

Get your robo-revenge and save the family
Story-related unlocks after completing the game.

General Achievements

Machine Learning
Beat your own high score
Will most likely naturally unlock without much effort. Can be done on any level, to make it easier, first try your best to get a bad score, aka taking your time, don’t clean. Then go back and get a good score.

How many breads have you eaten in your life?
Eat 100 enemies
You’ll probably have unlocked this before you even look up the achievements.

Alpha Go
Obtain an S rank on all Story missions
Gladly you don’t have to get an S rank on all the levels (Looking at you throwing levels!) but the top or maybe a few more at the top of each area needs to be completed with an S rank.

Snap! Crackle! Pop!
Achieve a 25 Hit Combo
I got this without any problems. Easier on levels with many enemies.

Achieve a 50 Hit Combo
I got this without any problems. Easier on levels with many enemies.

Achieve a 69 Hit Combo
I got this without any problems. Easier on levels with many enemies.

Sexy Ascension
Unlock all abilities and perks
After completing the game, several more missions will unlock with more abilities

Ghost a level
I’m unsure if this is for having the ability that makes you invisible equipped and use it or if it is for completing a mission without being spotted.

Perfect Landing
Eat an enemy by landing on their head
You will unlock an ability with balloons. Use it on while close to an enemy that is almost dead and moves towards its heads.

Blind Luck
Kill a blinded enemy
I’m unsure on which level this can be done as I don’t remember when I did unlock it, but I didn’t have any problems with it.

Ice, Ice, Baby
Kill an enemy by shattering their ice block
This can be done on many, if not all levels. Just use a trap that freezes the enemy and then throw something at it to do massive damage.

Burning Up
Kill someone with fire tick damage
Use a fire ability on an enemy that is halfway dead, so that the ticks of the fire will kill it. This will be very easily done with the upgrade where fire does more damage.

Blood, not funny!
Consume 6666 litres of blood
This achievement is a bit grindy. It required you to eat many many bodies. On the main menu, there is a button with extra and in that menu a stats button. I would highly recommend first completing everything else and then grinding the last amount of blood left on the level “McClean’s House – Elimination”. Quickly from starting this level go into the room on the left, lure the enemies to the toilet and use that trap and then use the red thing next to the toilet as well.

McClean Home

Clean Machine
Get more than 99% cleaning on a level
This can be done on many levels but is easiest done on the early levels with fewer enemies. I would recommend already sucking up enemies and as much blood as you can while still playing through the level and not waiting for the cleanup phase.


Pee-r Pressure
During a mission, destroy every toilet in CyberCruise
As the achievement states, this is done in the bathroom on the cruise ship. You don’t have to do any damage to enemies, just destroy them.

Beach, please
Equip a fish
This can be done on the Cybercruise or in the FamilyCorpHQ. Ram the aquarium with your dash and suck up a fish.

The Purrpatrator
Kill an enemy using the cat
You can find the cat on the Cybercruise. Throw it at an enemy that is almost dead for it to kill the enemy.

High Fashion
Finish a level with an animal equipped
I did this when I had the cat equipped but probably can be done with the fish or the dog as well.

Emotionally Charged
Electrocute 5 enemies at once
Can be done on many levels, but I did this one in the bathroom of the Cubercruise level as there are 2 sinks you can explode for water on the ground and then get enemies to that spot and use the trap with electricity.

Free Willy
Rescue all the fish in CyberCruise
You can find the aquarium close to the bottom edge of the ship. Break the glass with a dash against it, suck up the fish, and then throw them over the railing of the ship. This last part may take some try and error as it isn’t the easiest to aim that high.

Gettin’ Jiggy With It
Kill 3 enemies using the dancefloor trap
This one is challenging. I used the upgrades for more trap damage and more damage after 14 hits. Then I got the health of all the enemies down so I get the 14 hits built up, but also I have enough enemies to lure toward the dance floor on the front of the deck. When they are there, trigger the trap.

Kill an enemy by knocking them off the map
This can be done on a few different levels, but the easiest one will be on the cruise ship with a steampipe close to the edge of the map.

The Turtle Club

That Group Is On Fire
During a mission, set 5 enemies on fire
Can be done on any level, but this Turtle Club has many fire traps.

Disco Inferno
Kill an enemy with the disco ball on their head
Use the disco ball trap on a guard on this level and then kill the guard.

Murder on the Dancefloor
Kill 5 enemies with the mosh pits in The Turtle Club
This can be done over multiple missions. The dolls around the mosh pits will help you with this. Also, the one on top of the platform close by can throw guards off there into the mosh pits.

Shaken, Not Stirred
During a mission, kill 3 enemies with one bartender bot attack
This was one of the more challenging achievements for me. I did use the upgrades for more trap damage, more fire damage, and more damage after 14 hits. Then I lowered the health of almost all guards without trying to kill them. Get them close to the bartender bot and wait till the head shows the firetrap, then trigger it to kill off the guards.

Terminal 4

You Will Be Sucked
Suck an enemy into the jet engine
You’ll find the jet engine close to where you start on the first mission in this area.

Rip and Tear
Equip the chainsaw
This one I couldn’t figure out, but you can move to the wing on the right side of the plane and then enter the plane behind the chairs blocking the path to get the chainsaw. It is an awesome weapon.

The American Dream
Equip the gun
This can be done on the level where you have to hit the targets, plenty of guns there.


Kill an enemy with the Security Cameras
You can find on all the levels and in all sections with cameras a computer to take over the control of the cameras. This is such satisfying, as they do so much damage.

War Has Changed
Equip and hide under a box
This can be done on many levels, but I’m sure the boxes close to the parking space will help out.

Hot Dawg
Kill an enemy using the dog
You can find the dog in the boardroom. On some levels, it is first locked, but you can get there with a ramp around the building that starts in the catering area.

10th Prestige Vac
Kill 2 enemies with 1 claymore
This is the laser thingy you can find in a locked room. To get there you have to use the ventilation system.

HG Rooftop

Defeat RoboPal 9000 without taking any damage
This can be challenging especially the fire attack, but it doesn’t reach the whole area.

Thank you!

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