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Lil Gator Game – Achievement Guide

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Lil Gator Game

In this guide, I’ll describe all the achievements. A lot of them are for the things you expect, but some are not.

Keep in mind that this guide will contain spoilers!

I had a bit of help from the people behind the official Twitter account of “Lil Gator Game” to be able to figure out the hidden achievements before the release. I want to give a big shout-out to them as they always responded very quickly and were so kind and helpful.


Change of Plans
Undertake a new, bigger quest
You’ll unlock this after you finish sort of the tutorial and get the hint to move on to the bigger island.

Enrichment Through Invention
Completed Jill’s Quest
Jill can be found in the forest area, under some sort of treehouse. You’ll get 3 new quests when finding him.

Growing With Water
Completed Martin’s Quest
Martin can be found around the water splat area, you’ll get 3 new quests when you find him.

Lunch By Compromise
Completed Avery’s Quest
Avery can be found in the mountain area, quite high up. It took me a bit of time to find it, but if you follow the pad from the playground it is a lot easier.. but who follows the path in this kind of games :P. He will give you 3 new quests.

Lesson Learned
Complete the story
This will unlock after finishing the questline of your 3 friends and after you bought every “upgrade” in the playground.

Infinite Power!!!
Acquire all bracelets, and gain enlightment
you have to find the bracelet guy 4 times:
1. Unmissable as this is part of the tutorial.
2. Above the Amphitheater near Avery on the big island. (Thank you tasselfoot for this location)
3. In the forest at the top of the treehouse.
4. At the top of the windmill in the water splat area.

Interrupt This Broadcast
Climb to the tippy top of the antenna
This can be easily done after getting all 4 bracelets.

Break everything on the island
When finishing the main story, you get Jill’s help to find all the breakable items that you’ve missed. This also includes races. I had a bit of trouble with the race that is on water, but if you use the ” Inner Tube” as shield and use it to cross over the water while keep jumping you get a lot faster over water and this is easily done.

Hero of the People
Make Friends with everyone on the island
After finishing the main story and talking with Avery, you’ll get a very useful item that will help you find the missing persons. I had a bit of trouble finding the item for the crocodile, which is as the bottom of the waterfall close by. The whale took me the longest to figure out, but the ? is at the top around the hat the whale is wearing, but you have to stand on the ground to be able to talk to him.

Ragdoll into something as fast as you can.
Warning: This won’t unluck when you’re in baby-mode. (Thank you X3nophiliac for mentioning this)
You need to equip the teddybear for this. I did this from a high mountaintop just above the playground and jumped down. Not sure if I touched an NPC or anything.

Demon of DIY
Craft every item.
Just as it says, make every item that you get in your crafting menu.

Equip full paint set
Equip the following items:
Head: Artsy Beret
Sword: Paintbrush
Shield: Art Palette
Special item: Paint Blaster

Lizard in Space:
Equip the full space set
Head: Space dome
Sword: Laser Sword
Shield: Trash Can Lid
Special item: Space Blaster

Hidden Scale Clan
Equip the full ninja set
Head: Ninja Headband
Sword: Nunchaku
Shield: Trampoline
Special item: shuriken

Under New Management
Take a seat in the junk shop.
This can be done after completing the quest for this guy and he moved to the playground.

Try to touch the sky.
Equip the bubblegum and press the bubblegum button and after around 30 seconds it unlocked. ( Thank you JO911B for mentioning that this can be done anywhere.)

Swing with the sticky hand 5 times without touching the ground
This can best be done when climbing a mountain and then using your sticky hand quickly 5 times before touching the ground.

Name Reveal!
Learn the monkey’s name.
After finishing the bracelet quest, go talk with the monkey in your town. You can find him at the top of the “cathedral” on the playground, the area just above the shark.

Actual Name reveal!
Learn the monkey’s real name.
You still want to keep talking to the monkey.

This is The Real Name
Instruct the monkey on the power of creativity
Keep talking….

Learn the monkey’s TRUE name.
I hope you didn’t expect me to write something else here… Keep talking!

And for the last time, keep talking with the monkey.

Thank you

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