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Lumbearjack Achievement Guide

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Welcome to my guide for Lumbearjack. An awesome indie adventure game with puzzle elements.

None of the achievements are missable and you can easily go back later in a level and get the missing achievements. The only thing to keep in mind is to try and go for completion in each level, so clear every level, slap all humans, and find that bear trap.

Please first play through the game and just come back here for the achievements you’re missing and can’t figure out. That way the game is way more fun. I hope you’ll enjoy the game as much or maybe even more than I did 😀


The journey begins
Hibernation is over
You’ll unlock this achievement after finishing the first level “Home, sweet home”.

You can’t chop it down yet
You’ll get this for trying to chop something that you can’t chop yet. For example, the building at the start of the second level “Little Treehouse”.

Where are you going?
Try to get out early
Run toward the exit while you’re not done yet.

Spread lots of love
For this one, you have to be nice to the people after you’ve slapped them. This can be done on the map and you can just keep interacting with the same human. I think after about 20 times or so the achievement unlocks.

Throw the trash
Throw garbage in the oven
In level 6 “Free Birdie” you can throw the trash in the oven after destroying the lock on the conveyer belt.

Picnic time
Feed the rat
This is done in level 6 “Free Birdie” after destroying the house and slapping the human. I don’t think that you can miss this one.

Tuck, tuck, tuck!
Feed all the hens
You’ll find the hens in the level 7 “Dump” and will get the achievement after slapping the human that is in the crane.

Complete “Birdie” with 7 hits
This achievement is done in level 8 “good Swing!”, just hit the targets without failing and get to the exit. Ignore all the other goals like humans and the bear trap. See here how I got it:

Set and match
Complete “Ace” with 10 hits
You have to hit the wall, all the cages, and the bomber within 10 swings or less in level 12 “Ace”. Here a video:

Crane genius
Solve it in 9 moves
This is done in level 13 “You containering Me?”. You have to do the crane puzzle in 9 moves. Before you can do the crane puzzle you have to upgrade your axe to get rid of the container next to the crane. Here you can see the puzzle:

Fire, Fire!
Burn your own butt
In level 15 “Birdie” there is a flamethrower, just go stand in his range and get burned.

Master of disguise
Wear all the suits
After level 19 you’ve unlocked all the suits and can just go through the menu where you can select them. After you saw them all on your character in that menu you’ll unlock the achievement. You don’t have to wear them.

The end of the Journey
Defeat Evil Works
You’ll get this after you defeat level 20.

They won’t catch me!
Destroy all traps
You can see in the level select menu which one you’re missing.

Not meant for chit chat
Slap all humans
You can see in the level select menu which one you’re missing. It seems that you don’t need the humans on the map as for me this one unlocked while I still had 2 on the map.

Professional gardener
Clear all the stages
You can see in the level select menu which one you’re missing.

Thanks, Jack
Complete the whole game
This one unlocks if you have destroyed all traps, slap all humans and clear all stages in all the 20 levels.

Thank you!

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