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Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey Review

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Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey

This is an amazing puzzle platformer! Stunning artwork and music/voice-over. The achievements aren’t hard, most of them will unluck while going through the story. No missable achievement, 7h to 100%.


Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-7h
Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Is there a good guide available: Yes, on the steam forums there is a video guide to help you if you’re stuck in some puzzles
Multiplayer achievements: No
Missable achievements: No, there is chapter selection. It warns you it will reset your save game, but it will only reset the save of that specific chapter.
Grinding Achievements: No
DLC-Only achievements: No
Time-gated achievements: No
RNG-achievements: No
Does difficulty affect achievements: No
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

This puzzle-platformer is amazing and emotional! The art is stunning and the voice-over and music are also beautiful. It is an addictive game. If you’re stuck on a puzzle and quit for a moment, you’ll keep thinking about it and want to try out other solutions. Try to find all the books on every level, that way you don’t have to replay chapters to find missing books. Most of the other achievements you’ll just unlock during your playthrough. After I completed the story, I was missing 4 achievements, two were related to books I missed in chapter 3. The other two missing ones were figuring out “Ahead of the Curve” and the bad ending.

I’ll add this game to my list of games I really love on my curator page, this was wonderful. You should also play this and help Mother Bilby get back to her children!


This review is written on 21 March 2019 based on the Steam version which has 27 achievement when I write this review. The information can be outdated when developers add or remove achievements.