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Mask of Mists Review

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Mask of Mists

This is such a beautiful first-person puzzle/adventure game. I highly recommend this one. It has 1/2 missable achievements, read my full review to not miss them. ~5h for completion without a guide.


Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5h (Without a guide)
Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1, use manual save files. I’ll describe the two most important moments to manually save below.
Is there a good guide available: Not yet, but I guess somebody will make one in the future. It is very doable without a guide, you just might have to explore more yourself
Multiplayer achievements: No
Missable achievements: Probably 2 if you don’t use manual saves
Grinding Achievements: No
DLC-Only achievements: No
Time-gated achievements: No
RNG-achievements: No
Does difficulty affect achievements: No difficulty option
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

This is such a beautiful and amazing first-person puzzle/adventure game! You’re a mercenary who has to find a missing mage. The story isn’t deep, but good enough and the game is all about exploring and solving puzzles. You’ll unlock items in one place to do objectives in other places. It might be wise to keep some notes on where you found something that was unusable at that time.

I really enjoyed this game and a lot of times I felt proud, because of solving something. I’ve been stuck 2 times: 1 time I figured it out on my own and the other time I’m not sure if it’s even possible to NOT get stuck. Let me explain that… There is a puzzle in a basement for the graveyard key. You need 3 rubies in that puzzle, but I’ve spent 2 times 2 rubies for a health potion from the Leprechaun. I would HIGHLY suggest to buy only 1 potion and buy the other items, because that way you’re sure to have enough rubies for the puzzle and still get the achievement to have bought everything from the Leprechaun. The developer says that there are enough rubies in the game, but you’ll find a bunch more in the last dungeon.. the puzzle in the basement is right before the last dungeon. So I think you’re able to screw yourself over and make the puzzle impossible to solve.

6 of the 10 stone masks you need ,you’ll find in dungeons. If you see a mask in a dungeon, you always are able to get it without leaving the dungeon. Just find the hidden switch or pathway to get it.

Another thing I want to highlight is 2 very important points to manually save before continuing, because of missable achievements. Be sure to save before you go into the abyss because you can’t go back. If you already have delivered the 10 stone masks, you might skip this, but I don’t see any harm in still manually save before entering the abyss. Keep some health potions with you before you go to the abyss, because it will be the most challenging area in the game.

The second manual save I highly suggest is in the abyss before saving the mage, because there are 2 endings. With a save in that spot, you can easily get both without having to replay the abyss. Feel free to use the manual save slots as much as you like, but keep those two when you created them. You have 5 manual slots, so more than enough to save a lot, so you don’t have to replay much when dying.

I hope you’ll enjoy this game as much as I did. It felt a bit like the “Myst” games as far as I can remember. I haven’t played any other game like this after Myst, so I have no other comparison to make. Highly recommended!



This review is written on 4 June 2020 based on the Steam version which has 15 achievement when I write this review. The information can be outdated when developers add or remove achievements.