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Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition Review

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Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition

Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition is a great puzzle game full of environments and illusionary puzzles. This was amazing to play through. No missable achievements and takes around 3h to complete.

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Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3h
Estimated achievement difficulty: 1/10
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Is there a good guide available: You don’t need a guide
Multiplayer achievements: No
Missable achievements: No
Grinding Achievements: No
DLC-Only achievements: No
Speedrun achievements: No
Time-gated achievements: No
RNG-achievements: No
Does difficulty affect achievements: No
Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No

Monument Valley is a great puzzle game! I was afraid I wouldn’t be smart enough to be able to get through a game like this without a guide, but the opposite was the case. Sometimes I had to try and fail a bit but everything was very doable to figure out.

In this game you play A princess, solving puzzles to get to the end of each level. The levels are environments and illusionary puzzles. I find it so crazy that they could program this game in such a way that the moment something looks connected it is and you can walk over it with the princess. Even more impressive is that this game is already a few years old as it was released in 2014 on ios and android. This complete edition is great, as it includes all bonus levels as well.

I only had a few times where I struggled a little bit with the controls. At those moments I could see how it normally worked with touchpad controls. It wasn’t too bad as it was only a little annoyance and easy to pass. I would have those small and far apart struggle way above not even being able to play this game on Steam.

The game has no missable achievements, as every achievement is for completing a level. It took me around 3h without a guide but I can imagine it taking shorter or longer, depending on how fast you see the solutions in each level.

Ustwo Games

Ustwo Games

This review for Monument Valley: Panoramic Edition was written on 3 Oktober 2022, based on the current Steam version of the game which has 19 achievements at the time of writing this review. This information can be outdated, for example, when the developer adds or removes achievements or releases (new) DLC.

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