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My Big Sister – 100% achievement guide

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My Big Sister


This guide will contain spoilers! Loads of them.

I’ve written this guide for My Big Sister after already getting some achievements after my first play-through of the game. I hope all the information is right, but I did my very best to get all the information.

After you beat the game you’ll get chapter selection which makes going back for achievements much easier. Also when you unlocked chapter selection and you start a new game it seems that the chapter selection stays.

Before chapter 1

Yummy Noodles – When you’re in the market place you can get a bowl of noodles at the noodles shop.

Make sure you return it after you use it! – Get the key from the animal cage, open the door (I didn’t enter, not sure if you can’t unlock the achievement after you entered the room) and give the key back to the shop owner.

Chapter 1. A Bad Dream

Finding Secrets – Get the bobby pin out of the trash can and open the other bedroom. Hang the picture you found on the fridge to get this achievement.

Chapter 2. Is This All Real?

You chose the doll? – Choose the doll that is in the box full of toys during your visit at the therapist.

You chose the brain! – Choose the brains that is on the desk on the right of the room during your visit to the therapist.

Is that a JIT reference? – Check the brochure stand that is right of the reception desk for this achievement.

I’m sorry Sombria… – Talk with your sister in the bathroom. I got this one my first playthrough when I choose the brains, but it might also work when you choose the doll.

Chapter 3. Taken

It’s just a sink…great. – Check the sink in the restaurant to get this achievement. You might have needed to check the sink in your own kitchen as well during chapter 1, but not sure if that is required.

Asking for help? – Take the Dead Fish from the countertop in the restaurant and bring it to the Butcher.

She’s too innocent to do anything! – Talk with the lady with the long legs in the water.

Chapter 4. Escape?

Talk of the town! – Talk with everybody in the slums during this chapter.

Chapter 5. Of Blood and water

I want candy! – After the event in the showers go back to the Butcher and as a thank you he will tell you there is a candy bar on the kitchen counter.

The Lady On The Wall – Save before you go for this achievement. When you enter the bathhouse for the second time, go into the secret room for which you make a cut in the wall and read the note on the chair. After the event in the showers go back to this room to unlock this achievement.

Chapter 6. A Long Ride Home

No achievements

Chapter 7. The Bus Stop

I’m so hungry. – After you find your sister with the dead deer she will ask you for mushrooms. Save before you go for this achievement, because you’ll get a game over screen. After that just wait and don’t give the mushrooms to your sister.

Noodles will appease the spirit. – After you give Sombria the mushrooms you can go North to the noodle shop. From the owner, you’ll get a bowl of noodles for the forest spirit. Go to the forest spirit, directly after the conversation offer him the bowl of noodles. Don’t wait too long or you aren’t able to give the bowl of noodles to the spirit. (or that might be a bug, but on my first playthrough I couldn’t give it to him anymore after I left the screen)

Mushrooms make you grow bigger! – You’ll get a new mushroom from the forest spirit which you can give to Mudo at the Noodle shop in the forest.

My neighbor Somboro. – Give the leaf you got from Mudo to your sister at the bus stop.

Chapter 8. Cold Rails

Pressing buttons! – I think you have to keep pressing the button to the secret carriage to unlock this, but I’m not 100% sure anymore.

You again?! – You can find the Noodle lady on the train, I believe it is after you unlock the secret carriage.

Well, fourth time’s a charm! – There are 3 bedrooms in the bed carriage. The first will unlock and give you a keycard and a note early in this chapter. The second room unlocks after you find the button to the secret carriage and also has a note and the third room unlocks when you run away out of the secret carriage. I did read them one by one, but it might be possible to just read them all after unlocking the last 2.

Chapter 9. Wake Up!

No achievements

Chapter 10. Our Last Stop

The truth finally revealed! – Get the doll from Sombria and give it to Verd to get this achievement.

An impostor? – After giving the doll to Verd go one screen back to where the black/yellow line is and go inside that room.

Chapter 11. Break or Strengthen

The last page. – Kill the Noodle lady and talk to Sombria

I…can’t stay awake… – Interact with your bed at home a few times. I got this after I got mother’s heart but my guess is that you don’t need it.

The Loop. – Get the bobby pin out of the trash and go into Sombria’s room. I guess you don’t need mother’s heart, but I got it with me while going there and unlocking the achievement.

A Mother’s heart knows best. – Get mother’s heart, kill the Noodle lady and go to sombria. In the morning you’ll get this achievement.

Only eyes can tell the truth. – Go to the mirror in your bathroom and type “ashina” all in small letters. In the Sombria chapter smoke on the right side where you’re not supposed to smoke.

Every story has a happy ending! – Go to the mirror in your bathroom and type “ashina” all in small letters. In the Sombria chapter smoke on the left side.

Thank you!

Thank you for using this guide.

I was able to make this guide with the help of the steam forum for “My Big Sister” and got some hints from “Adelion”. Thanks to all that helped out! I hope it will help others to complete this wonderful game.

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