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Pine Hearts – 100% Achievement Guide

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Pine Hearts


Welcome to this achievement guide!

If you reading this at the moment, then the achievement guide is still a work in progress and I’m working on the last few things.

What I love about Pine Hearts is that the achievements help you explore the game to the fullest. There are so many small easter eggs and fun activities. It is totally clear that there went a lot of love into making this awesome game.

If you are missing achievements at the end of the game, the color of the achievement tells you in which area you should look. And none of the achievements are missable.

Pine Hearts map

Reflection Point (Orange achievements)

A Bonnie Dog
Pet The Dog

Not ready Yet…
Meet Ranger Maddie

Good Girl
Give Bonnie a doggy treat

Meet Keepsy
Make a new friend
Keepsy is the shopkeeper of the Little Nook (Publisher) website. He can be found in the cave after the area where you have to lift the block with a plant. This can only be done after unlocking memory 4.

Campsite (Green achievements)

Pin It Down
Fix the Collapses Tent
Find the 4 tent pegs:
– One is north close to the sleeping person
– One close to the 2 camping chairs laying down, above the children
– One is in the bbq area, close to the blue bbq
– The last one is by the lone camper, south of the fisher

Yes, Chef!
Prepare a Tasty Burger
– The patty found on the Beach umbrella north of the sleeping person.
– The cheese found by the fisherman.
– The vegetables found in the coolbox in the BBQ area, the 2 people eating a cake.
– The beacon found in a basket south of the lone camper.
– The buns are on top of a tree close to the fire with the marshmallows and the kid who says 2 marshmallows on a stick is better than 1.

Gruffumpkin Mystery
Solve the Gruffumpkin Mystery
Set the trap and get the pictures… I didn’t look good at the third picture before handing them over, so please do that for me.

A Sweet treat
Toast some marsmallows
You first need to get the hatchet before you can get 3 wood.
The hatchet can be found through the burger quest of the lone ranger.
– The first stump to get wood is found in the area with the lone ranger.
– The second stump is south of the messy campsite, below the blue tent.
– The Third Stump in the area where you grilled the burger.

Ruined Castle (Purple achievements)

Lower the gate
Repair the portcullis
Find the 4 cogs:
– One of the cogs is a reward for the puzzle with the 5 statues.
– One is a reward for the puzzle where you have to follow the correct path by jumping down.
– The shield which can be found in a room east in the castle can be a spinner for the kids who are playing outside on a cog.
– And one is on the castle wall inside a canon, just above where the kid is stuck.

Lost ‘n’ Found
Free the Lost Kid
Talk with the kid who was stuck between the gates after you solved the puzzle with the cogs and got the achievement above.

King Tyke
Sit on the throne
Find the 2 helmets and sit on the throne.
The red helmet is found in a room west inside the dungeon that is blocked by a stone you can destroy. The Blue you get from the kids whose football is on an island surrounded by frogs. Get the football and they will give you the blue helmet.

Goth Love
Help the Goth kids find love
This one is so cute, I don’t mind this type of delivery quest :P.
After delivering a bunch of letters you get the quest for 3 roses. 2 you can already have found on your way there.
– North of the fountain.
– South of the fountain close to the white butterflies
– And the last one is above the goth kids.

Blok met plantje in het kasteel, ws om op het dak te komen?
Iets met de witte butterfly bij country yard

Ghostly Shenanigans
Help the scared ghost
In the country yard, you can catch the butterflies after you get the net later on in the game. You find more butterflies around the panicky poltergeist. Furthermore, north of the poltergeist there are more butterflies. After finding all 3, go back to the less panicky poltergeist.

Caravan Park (Pink achievements)

Granny’s Gala
Help Granny save the Gala
First, find Grandma’s glasses close to the Ice Cream Van.
Then scare away the crows in 3 spots:
– The area you passed by when walking toward Grandma’s house.
– The Gala area for which you get the “Murder on the Dance Floor” achievement.
– South of Grandma’s garden on the football field.
After that find the band members and put the clothes on the scarecrow.

Murder on the dance floor
Clear the crows from the dance floor
[music] But you better not kill the groove. DJ, gonna burn this ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ house right down [/music]
After you get the mask from Grandma and are scaring away crows, scare them away from the gala, just a bit west of Grandma’s house.

Vibing van
Help out the ice cream van
– The first CD is behind the Ice Cream Van. (Pop CD)
– The second one is west of the ice cream van behind the house. (Rock CD)
– The third is by the same house but then on the front side. (Reggae CD)

I’m With The Band
Conduct the Brass Band
Find all 4 band members:
Trumpeter: South of grandma’s garden.
Another one for which I didn’t read the job name: southwest of the stage on an island.
Saxophonist: Behind the van which is a shop.
Tuba Player: A bit south of the last one.

Bee Cool
Find all the Queen Bees
– By the sunburn crisp (aka the guy for which you can open the beach umbrella).
– South of Grandma’s garden.
– Behind the stage

Sow the seeds
Help the gardener plant some flowers
South of the fountain there is a garden store. Talk with the gardener to get the flower seeds:
– The area with all the food stands.
– There are 2 behind the stage where the band is performing.
– There are 2 by Grandma’s house.
– By the entrance of Grandma’s garden.

Golf Course (Yellow Achievements)

Par for the course
Help the golf course groundskeeper
– Follow the wide green path to find 4 of the 5 golf clubs, the last one is just over the bridge after the fourth golf club.
– Clear the moles from Holes 3 and 4.
– Mow the grass at Hole 1 (and don’t forget to pick up the seeds afterward).
– Planting the seeds in the fenced area before the clubhouse.

Par-king spot
Clear the route for the golf buggy
Walk around the area to destroy the tree in front of the buggy.

The mower you know…
Mow the green golf

Assist the assistant
Free the stuck groundskeeper’s assistant
You find her on the second hole, west of the clubhouse (climbing up a wall close to the clubhouse). Turn on the sprinklers, which can be done on the same hole, just a little south, to free her.

Par par away
Return the lost golf ball
After you get the ability to lift those blocks with a plant, you can go to an area just south of where the golf car crashed, in a tree close to where that block was you’ll see a bird in a tree and also a golfball, the person who wants it is just a few steps away.

Rockpools (Blue Achievements)

Bon voyage
Help the captain repair his boat
Find the 3 wooden planks:
– North of the ship is a wooden plank.
– Northwest from the last one there is another plank.
– West of the girl who talks about bucketing the crabs.
Patch the hole and pump the water out of the boat.

Find the Captain’s hat, the anchor and the ship’s wheel, and the unicorn figurehead:
– Captain Hat is west of the ship.
– From the ship go southeast to a sandy area after a jump to find the ship’s helm.
– In that same area north of the ship is also the anchor, close to the 2 biologists talking about the variety of wildlife in Rockpools.

North of the ship, past the girl who talks about bucketing the crabs, is the Unicorn figurehead.
Next is fixing the sails of the ship. West of the ship, on the secret beach area there is a pile of clothes that can be used as a sail. Sew the clothes together to finish the sail.

Stitched up
Repair the boat sail
Story-related, man this mini-game was quite challenging.

Take the bait
Find some bait for the fisherman
This is the fisherman in the lighthouse area who yells loudly and is totally believable about his family. East of the lighthouse area there is a place called Worm Hill. In and around that area you can find bait for the fisherman.

It belongs in a museum
Help the confused archeologist
East of the biologists there is a block with a plant you can get out of the way once you learn that ability. Make a photo for the archeologist and dig the 3 spots he marks after you give him the picture. The dig spots are around him, one is on the island north you passed through to get to the archeologist.

Bountiful Booty
Complete the treasure hunt
South of the fisherman that doesn’t scream there is an island where you can come through a jump. South of there (while standing on sand) you can fish in the water. This way you will catch a bottle with a treasure map. Follow the treasure map to find the treasure, which is cute!

pine hearts treasure map

Memories & Other Miscellaneous Achievements (Red Achievements)

Find enough droplets to unlock the memories.

Warning: the content of the memories can be very emotional as it tells the story of the developer who lost his dad. He made the following thread about how he started making this game, which can be found here:

The standing stone
Complete the standing stone memory 1

The Climb
Complete the climb memory 2

The Egg Thief
Complete the egg thief memory 3

The Fall
Complete the fall memory 4

The Journal
Complete the journal memory
This can be done after you have gathered 1300 droplets.

Pine Hearts Run Free
Climb the Mountain
Such a beautiful journey among so many detailed artworks and where you can show off the abilities you learned during the game.

Fond Memories
Collect 1500 Droplets
This is the most challenging achievement as there is no way to tell where you’re missing droplets and you probably already have revisited the other areas since you unlocked the last few abilities. The only thing I can recommend is turning on the “Colour Block: Palette 1” in the accessibility menu to make it easier to see spots with which you can interact. As some are very well hidden. For example in the Golf Course area, there is one almost completely hidden by trees.
The last 3 I was missing were in the Campsite area… maybe they are there for you as well?

Complete all other achievements

Thank you!

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