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Rain on your DLC Achievement guide

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Rain on your DLC

Welcome to this DLC guide for Rain on your Parade,

If you’re looking for a guide for an achievement that is part of the base game? Please check out this guide By Panoclio.

I’ll only list the achievements from the new DLC “Rain on your DLC” as Panoclio did already an excellent job making a guide for the base game.

There are no missable achievements and completing the DLC takes around 5 to 6 hours, it highly depends on how good you’re at taking no damage in the SHMUP level and how fast you’re with completing the gameshow in record time.

Just take your time and enjoy this lovely and funny DLC.

The achievements

Farmer Cloud
Grow all mystery crops on Cloud Valley
This is the level where you start, it has a bit of an idle element, so I would go there after every level to give your plants water, or harvest them and plant new ones. For this achievement, you need to grow all the items that will show up in the box on the right. I think they are the following, but this is from my memory:
Animals (200g)
Fireworks (400g)

Hole in One
Get a hole in one in Cloud Golf
This is the easiest on the first course in the level “Cloud Golf”

Golf Master
You have mastered the sport!
you’ll unlock this after
On the level “Cloud Golf” get a par or lower score on every course. You can reset a course and try again if it didn’t go so well.

Beat SHMUP level without getting hit
I’ve made a video in which you can see how I did this achievement:

Speed Demon
Win the Game Show
I’ve made a video in which you can see how I did this achievement:

Pirate Hunter
Destroy all pirate boats on Sail
This sounds like a good idea to do first before moving your boat. You’ll find them around the area with the islands, after you have killed a few you’ll get it as an objective so you can see a progress bar of how far you’re.

Player Agency
Defy Jakub’s will
In the level “Cloudshock” don’t delete the level, but go to the left to find this evil Creative Developer Jakub and learn him a lesson 😉 (Sorry Jakub, I don’t mean you’re really evil… I think)

Rhythm Cloud
Win High Score on Cloud n Beats
For this achievement, it is more important to have the timing right than how many misses you have.

Don’t let Cloudy soak anyone in Shine on Your Day
This one is a bit luck-based, but keep close to cloudy and use your shine ability, every time you hear the sound that you stunned cloudy, quickly shine your sun on one soaked human and then quickly go back to cloudy before he loses his stun.

Art Cynic
Two years of our work, gone in minutes 🙁
On the level “Development Museum” you have to destroy every art project with your thunder (or maybe only the paintings, but I destroyed also the art in the middle of the rooms).

DLC Completionist
Complete all DLC levels
Just complete all the achievements above.

Thank you!

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