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Riverbond – 100% achievement guide

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This guide will contain spoilers, if you don’t want those, turn away and play the game first. I hope you’ll enjoy Riverbond. Tip for moping up as many achievements without using a guide: talk to everybody and explore every area for chests and stars.

I started this guide because I missed a guide where you can see each achievement listed by adventure, so that is when I decided to start making one myself.

I’ve used information from the following guide: Xbox Achievement Guide Riverbond

General Achievements

This section will list the achievements that are not specific for any level.


Steel Yourself
Defeat 20 enemies with any Sword

Trigger Happy
Defeat 20 enemies with any Gun

To the Beat
Defeat 20 enemies with any Club

Poking Around
Defeat 20 enemies with any Spear

Hit the Spot
Defeat 20 enemies with any Slap Weapon

Two of a Kind
Defeat 20 enemies with any Dual Weapon


You can find your first few skins in “King’s Garden” an option in the main menu. Others you’ll find spread throughout the whole game in chests. Keep exploring each area to find them. There are more than 35 skins in the game. If you’re missing skins for this achievement after beating the game, you can replay earlier levels and find new ones in chests you opened earlier.

Window Dressing
Unlock 5 Skins

Sunday Best
Unlock 15 Skins

Dressed to Kill
Unlock 25 Skins

Skin in the Game
Unlock 35 Skins


Stars area hidden through the game. Almost every area has a star. To make those achievements easier, picking up earlier collected stars count as well. On the first adventure, the star is very close by. If you quit to the main menu and enter again and pick it up, it will count again. The restart button doesn’t work. You have to quit to the main menu.

Starry Eyed
Collect 5 Stars

Rising Star
Collect 15 Stars

Star Power
Collect 25 Stars

Written in the Stars
Collect 35 Stars


Each adventure ends with a boss. You’ll get an achievement for defeating a specific boss and after you’ve slain the first 8 you’ll unlock:

Boss of All Bosses
Defeat All Bosses


You can find the tutorial as an option in the main menu, upon completing the tutorial you’ll unlock the following achievement

Complete the tutorial

Restwater Valley

First Step
Begin the first adventure

Area 1: Talk to waterkeeper Wyn

Now You’re Talking
Speak with Waterkeeper Wyn

Area 2: Gather chicken eggs
No achievements

Area 3: Destroy crab nests

Sunny Shores
Find the secret beach
It is at the bottom of the waterfall near the end of the level in a cave on the right-hand side.

Area 4: Defeat the Attackers
No achievements

Area 5: Rescue Villagers

Talk of the Town
Speak with Big Bob

The boss of this adventure:

Wreck Captain Barbacus

Walking Mines

Wind At Our Backs
Begin the second adventure

Area 1: Relink water fountains
No achievements

Area 2: Destroy enemy fortifications

Make Peace, Not War
Speak with Peaceful Pig

Area 3: Find key to the cave entrance
No achievements

Area 4: Rescue captives

Lost and Found
Speak with Larry the Lost

The boss of this adventure:

Not So Cute Anymore
Wipe Out Rabbitus Maximus

Hogmarsh Hollow

Keep On Trucking
Begin the third adventure

Area 1: Lower Drawbridges
No achievements

Area 2: Recover king’s treasure

Partner in Crime
Speak with BOMB GIRL in the Swamp

Under the Radar
Find the secret storage area in the swamp
Follow the top-left path and you will come to a hatch in the ground on an island surrounded by swamp water.

Area 3: Recover password fragments
No achievements

Area 4: Find the leather of intent

Privacy, Please!
Speak with with Mr. Oopay

The boss of this adventure:

Oh, Romeo!
Shatter Romeo Ur-Ribitt

Stonefrost Peak

Going on an Adventure
Begin the fourth adventure

Area 1: Rescue the puppies
No achievements

Area 2: Find the owl’s head

Owl Knows Best
Speak with Hoota tha Skoota

Area 3: Find the ice palace key

Mind the Moose
Speak with Fur

Area 4: Defeat all enemies
No achievements

The boss of this adventure:

Beast Mode
Slay Pumpiron Pengo

The Sandwall

Walking The Line
Begin the fifth adventure

Area 1: Find the ruby desert key
No achievements

Area 2: Gather hydrocactus seeds

Silky Smooth
Speak with Ham Solo

Area 3: Defeat all enemies
No achievements

Area 4: Plant hydracactus seeds

Talk the Talk
Speak with Hamdini

Caving In
Find the secret cave in the desert
On the right side of the level near the start, to the right of one of the hydracactus seed spots, it’s behind some tall reeds and there is a chest just to the left of it.

The boss of this adventure:

What a Catch!
Defeat Puffy the Lurker

Lost Museum

Road Less Travelled
Begin the sixth adventure

Area 1: Activate shrines of knowledge
No achievements

Area 2: Read book of memories

Hash It Over
Speak with Hamdalf

Area 3: Clear the courtyard
No achievements

Area 4: Read book of dreams

Page Turner
Find the secret room in the museum
Head up a few floors and there will be a path that leads off top left. Follow it and you will come to a few storage crates and books covering a glowing spot on the wall. Break the books and crates and walk into the glow.

The boss of this adventure:

The Knowledge
Exterminate Column XVII

Sky Garden

Moving On Up
Begin the seventh adventure

Area 1: Clean the monuments
No achievements

Area 2: Restore the Rainbows

Seek the Rainbow
Speak with Spirit-Running-Softly

Area 3: Capture nightmares
No achievements

Area 4: Find the treehouse key
No achievements

Area 5: Defeat all enemies

Words of Truth
Speak with Sunlight-Rising-Boldly

Area 6: Defeat all enemies
No achievements

Are 7: Repair the dream beam
No achievements

The boss of this adventure:

Don’t Get Crabby
Waste Koke the Crab

Ash Fortress

To Victory!

Begin the eighth adventure

Area 1: Speak with the Eldra spirit
No achievements.

Area 2: Find Castle Key

Hard to Hear
Speak with Eldra the Spirit

Area 3: Defeat all enemies
No achievements

Area 4: Destroy the banquet
No achievements

Area 5:Cool Down the Lava Chalice

Noble Intentions
Speak with Eldra Rex

Area 6: Tower dungeon key

Biting Tongue
Speak with Eldra Highest of High

Area 7: Rescue Eldra Spirits
No achievements

Area 8: Speak with Eldra spirit
No achievements

Area 9: Defeat all enemies
No achievements

The boss of this adventure

Justice Served
Destroy The Knight


Hello Darkness
Begin the Ninth Adventure

Area 1: Collapse the Tongue tunnels
No achievements

Area 2: Find the sewer key
You’ll find here a lot of slimes, I didn’t find enough for the achievement here.

Area 3: Destroy the corrupt crystals
No achievements

Area 4: Rescue the monks
Very close to the beginning on the level you find spikes that you can jump on for the following achievement

Point Taken
Die by Traps 20 Times

Area 5: Find the golden Idol
No achievements

Area 6: Kindle the shrines
Killing the slimes in this area together with the ones from area 2 was enough for the achievement.

Slime Slayer
Kill 80 Slimes

Don’t Care
Speak with Brother Honey

Area 7: Defeat all enemies
No achievements

The boss of this adventure:

Spinal Adjustment
Defeat Great Cartos

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