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Roombo: First Blood – 100% achievement guide

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Roombo: First Blood


Welcome to this guide for Roombo: First Blood. This game is a lot of fun and I like it when a game has achievements that ask you to do specific tasks. Most of the achievements in this game are that way. I’ll try to explain how to get all the achievements.


First Blood This will be one of the first achievements you’ll get. Hit a burglar with as many traps as you can to kill it.

Collateral Damage This one is possible from lvl 2 and higher. Honk to get the attention of more than one burglar, if you get them close together trigger a trap to hit them both/all. I used the freezer, but most of the traps should work.

The Fourth Law of Robotics You’ll get this natural by trying to beat all the levels. If you don’t have it by then, just keep killing burglars. You’ll have to keep hitting the burglar after it healths is down to count for this achievement. Just getting it to zero health isn’t enough.

Christmas Miracle You’ll get this achievement after beating all levels. There are 6 levels. My trick to beat the game was getting under a table close to a power outlet and hunk till you get most of the burglars close by and hack the power outlet. After that let them follow you through the house while hack traps to do to as many of them as possible damage. I played mostly in hack mode, only if it took to long for them to stood up I switched to normal mode.

S is for Smang I did this one on the first level. This is how did it: first hit the burglar with the window it came through. Then put on the sprinkler, after that use the wall outlet while the burglar is still in the same spot as the first 2 traps. Use the sprinkler again to do another hit, after that get just past the next sprinter a few centimeters further and hack that one, honk so the burglar will get your way and slip over this pool as well. Clean up the burglar and it blood after that last trap and you’re done easily and within like 30 seconds.

Next to Godliness I got this achievement together with the S+ rank one

Dead Aim I got this achievement together with the S+ rank one

I’m Your Biggest Fan Use one of the fans in the house, when a burglar gets close to one, hack it.

Slippery Business Use the sprinkler just in front of the windows were the burglar enters the house.

Window to Your Heart I’m not sure if this works when the burglar just enters and hack the windows, if not, restart the level and wait till the burglar is on it;’s way out, when it is close to the windows where it entered hack the window.

Ice To See You This one is in the kitchen, when the burglar passed the second fan and is close to the bedroom, honk a few times till it follows you. Ride to the kitchen and when the burglar is in front of the freezer, open it.

Find Me a Macchiato, Pronto! This one can easily be combined with the freezer achievement. You already have the burglar in the kitchen, get it close to the coffee machine and hack the coffee machine.

Fire Festival This one is in the living room, same as the one above, wait till the burglar passed the second fan and is close to the bedroom, honk till it follows you. Get it near the fireplace and when it is in front of the fireplace, hack it.

The Cleansing This one is in the bathroom, one the burglar just passed your charge station, honk till it follows you and go to the left room and after that into the bathroom. Get it close to the shower and hack the shower.

Za Warudo This was the most tricky one for me. Go to the kitchen and suck up the knife. Then push E again to hold the knife. Get close to the burglar and don’t forget to activate hack mode. Then point toward the burglar and push F to throw the knife.

Benny Hill Honk till a burglar follows you, you have to use shift to speed up and drive a circle around the house till this achievement pops. I needed a little bit more than one circle to get this, I drove through the hall, entered the living room and make my way down toward the hall.

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