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Secret Saga: Xamadeon Stone – Guide where to find the objectives

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Secret Saga: Xamadeon Stone


Hello and welcome to our guide for Secret Saga: Xamadeon Stone.

We’ll try to find all the objects and tell you where to find them. If you enjoy searching for them for yourself, leave this guide now, because this will spoil it for you!

General tip: If you leave a level with getting the key and without getting the map, you need to click on the key again the next time you enter the map.


Key: Click on the dog in the garden to find the key beneath him.

Map: After you got the key, go to the room with the lockers and open the one with the lock

Bag: You find this in the bedroom on the left of the dresser on the ground.

Phone: Click on the car door to open it and the phone will fall out of the car.

Hat: Click on the Coat racket in the bedroom to remove the jacket and you will find the hat.

Cat: Open the roller blind in the kitchen to find the cat.

T-shirt: Click on the washer in the kitchen and after that on the basket.

Happy Titi: You find Titi’s stuffed animal next to the kitchen table, to make her happy, then click on her.

Money Pouch: Go to the water well and get the bucket up to find the money.

Hidden legend: In the locker room you see a painting, a man holding an apple, click on the apple.

Old Bazaar

Rope: You find the rope in the trunk of a car that is to the left of the van.

Swiss army knife: To the right of “Alien Coffee” you find a man in a raincoat. Click on him to find the knife.

Key: At the left top of the “huzur apt” building you see 4 windows with flower pots. Click on the left one, it will fall down and reveal the key.

Map: In the park you’ll find a raccoon next to a tree, just before that is a pile of sand with a shovel, click a few times on it to find a treasure chest. You can only open it if you already found the key.

Binoculars: Before “Huzar Apt” on the market you see a market stand where there are on the left different grapes hanging. In front of the market stand there is a boy who is holding a painting. On the right of the stand you can see the binoculars.

Canteen: Between the parking space and the market stand with bread there is a truck, open it to find the canteen.

Compass: In the park just above the playground with the pirate ship and the gazebo you will find another pile of sand. Click on that one 2-3 times to find the compass.

Magnifying glass: In the park a man is checking out some bees with his magnifying glass. It took me a few clicks to get it.

Brad: Just below the snack bar close to the park you will find some musicians. If you click on them they stop playing and you will find Brad.

Pipe: A guy is holding a big box and is walking just above the marketplace. When you click on the box you’ll find the pipe.

Glasses: To the right of “Alien Coffee”you find a stand with cameras and sunglasses. Click on the sunglass on the top right.

Egg: To the right of the “alien coffee” building you see a chicken, click on it to find the egg.

money pouch: There is a guy with a beard and a hook standing before a car, in the truck of that car you find the money bag.

Mouse: In front of “Alien Coffee” you find some chickens, at the left of it you see a market stand with cloths, on the top of that stand you find the mouse.

Little Fish: On the market, close to the fountain, there is a market stand with fish. Click on the big fish to find the little fish.

Cobra: There is a fakir on the market place. If you click on him he let 4 cobras dancing, you need to click on the bag where you don’t see a cobra.

Mexican: Put the clock that is on top of “Alien Coffee”on 3 o’clock to find the Mexican.

Hidden legend: In the park you’ll find bob Ross painting. Click on his pallet to get the hidden legend.


Jerry: There is a circus arena with a trampoline and a big cannon. Click on the big cannon.

Tom: There is a cable car on the top of the screen, there you’ll find Tommy using it.

Mouse: There is a circus arena with 2 big elephants. below the elephant on the left there is a box with moons and stars on which lay a hat. Click on that box to find the mouse.

Snake: On the right of the screen you can find a sea world banner. Just below it you can find the snake.

Playing card: On the circus arena with the 2 elephants you find in the middle a magician with 2 tables, one on both sides. Click on the magician and then click on the cards.

Mother duck: To the left of the screen almost at the top you see a magician behind the big tree’s Click on him and he will summon the mother duck.

Candy: Between the bubble gum machine and the popcorn stand you see some balloons. Pop them to find the candy.

Token: On the circus arena with the sea otters you find a hatch, open it to find the token.

Donkey: On the circus arena with the trampoline and big cannon you see a “magic box”. Click on it and the first time a woman comes out on top of a horse. the second time she comes out of the box on top of the donkey.

Cat: In the Ferris wheel you can find a cat on the lap of a woman.

Cookie Man: You can find a “donats” truck next to a trampoline that is not on a circus stage. In the donut on top of the truck you’ll find the cookie man.

Clown: In the circus arena with the two elephants there is next to the magician a clown flying with some balloons, click on the clown.

Rabbit: Next to one of the circus areas there is a big wooden rabbit, a little bit to the left of that wooden rabbit you see a clown with a big hat, click on him to find the rabbit.

Inscription: Click on the panda bear that is between one of the circus areas and the pirate ship attraction.

Key: On the circus arena with the trampoline and big cannon you can find a fortune teller, click on him and then on the key.

Map: you need the key first, but you find the treasure chest next to the banner “Try your luck”.

Jamie: To the right of the map you find some sort of rollercoaster, with all kinds of banners on the side of it. In the cart you can find Jamie.

Jack: Jack is the cameraman that is to the left of the circus. It’s the one close to the panda bear.

Flip: To the right of the clown fountain you can find flip in a bear costume behind the tree.

Hidden legend: When you turn off the light on the down/right side of the screen you can find the man on the stage on the middle of the screen.

Cutti Airport

Passport: on the escalator that that is right / down on the screen you push the tourist to the top and see her passport.

Pilot: On the airplane that is on the right. You might need to click on the tank for oil before he appears, I’m not 100% sure he was there before I clicked.

Wine: To the right /down you find a globe that you can open to find the wine.

Map: You can find the key in an airshaft above the suitcase, left of the coffee shop. Then go back to the ATM’s and click on the one without a lock.

Weapon: On the assembly line just above the pizza sign you can put the suitcase beyond the screen and will find the weapon.

Camera: Next to the airplane on the right you can find the camera in the first trailer.

Suitcase: To the right of the check-ins you find a man on a cleaning machine. Click on him to move him and then move the assembly line to find the suitcase.

Toothbrush: under the sign “gates 1-2-3 is a vending machine. You’ll find the toothbrush there.

Owl: Open the doors of Gate 2 to find the owl.

Emerald necklace: At the bottom left you can find some advertisement for the necklace.

Wudu mask: When you click on the door of the airplane on the left, it will load off some suitcases, when the car moves away you’ll find the mask.

Hidden legend: There are some poles behind the coffee and donut shops, on pole 19-23 you can click on the advertisement to find the hidden legend.


Rope: In the forest you can find a family who is using the BBQ. You’ll find the rope in the tent behind them.

Wool dog: when you go to the top right and click on the black dot on the whale to find it.

Key: The key is on a donkey that you can find on the beach. To the right of the ice cream shop.

Map: Chest found in the forest just left of the hotel in a pile of sand.

Grape: To the left of the screen there are people standing around a whole in the ground. In one of the ton’s with a X on it you’ll find the grape.

Beauty canvas: On the sail of one of the ships next to the lighthouse that is at the middle on the map. You’ll have to pull up the sail to find it.

Dagger: The cobra just under the H2O has eyes you can blink with a button close by. I needed a few more click than 13 before the right eye became a dagger.

Fairy: At the top of the screen there is an old man telling a story to two kids. Wait a bit and click behind him on the tent to get it.

Sea shell: At the top of the screen to the right of the pond you’ll find a pile of sand in which you can find the sea shell.

Statue: Left of the hotel entrance you find a fountain. Just click on the mat right of the fountain.

Flashlight: you can open the door of the boat that is moving at the bottom right. You’ll find the flashlight there. (This only works when the boat moves from right to left)

Anchor: Left of the biker’s bar you can open a sliding door to find the anchor.

Knight helmet: At the light tower on the left you can open the top to find the helmet.

Black pearl: Next to the lighthouse you can move a barrel. You’ll find the black pearl behind it.

Skull spear: Left to the biker’s bar there is a huge pile of sand. In front of that is a statue, break it to get the spear.

Blowgun: just beneath the H2O barrels there are 2 valves. rotate the left on to find a little down/right the blowgun in the small round pool on the roof.

Captain: In the harbor you find a pirate ship. First you need to find the key. Close to the pirate ship there is a boat with a monkey. Click on the hatch to find the key. You find the place the captain is hold a little bit to the left of their. You’ll have to move the beams down and the platform up for the pirate to get back to his ship.

Heart: In the hotel you’ll find two rhino statues. The eyes of the face between them are buttons. Push those buttons till a man and a woman statue are next to each other.

Lucky number: To the left of the left lighthouse you’ll find a competition where two people are holding a sign with “10 “on it. Click on the person who isn’t holding up a sign yet.

James: In one of the huge barrels with H2O on it you’ll find James when opening the top.

Mermaid: On the left side of the left lighthouse you’ll find a telescope with which you can spot the mermaid.

Hidden legend: On the left of the screen there is a big boat with a pool on deck. when you lower the first small boat you’ll find a picture of kingkong [?].


Puzzle 1: just making a puzzle. start with the border and fill in the rest.

Puzzle 2: a music puzzle. The answer to this is: 2-2-2-4-3-1

The last legend is also in this part of the level, I believe I got it when clicking on the gramophone.

Puzzle 3: Thank you Nath Nam for the solution!

Puzzle 4:

Puzzle 5:
1 Sun: In the painting above the blackboard.
2 Heart: On the Tummy of the sock puppet next to the skull.
3. Hourglass: Next to the bed on the left side.
4. Cricket: On the elft side of the bed.
5. Seven Thank you Nath Nam for the solution!: On the wood of the windows next to the sleeping cat.

Stone Age

Shoe: Top left there is a mosquito, click on it to let the big dino run across the river.

Table tennis racket: In the middle of the screen, left of the cinema you see a dino at the top of the tree. Shoo it away and click on the egg.

Alarm clock: At the top left, just a little bit under the campfire is a man in a tree. Click on the 2 items in the tree so they fall to the ground and then you find the alarm clock.

Milk jug: There is at the left-middle side a big doorway, add the result of the dino race (at the bottom) to the door (3241)

Jug: Thanks to @NoAngelHonesty: In the middle, there is a dino (the one with the long neck) eating. Click on the red birth above him and he will move his head. After that in the wall between the other stones you can find it.

Crown: Left of the man riding a dino without falling of you see an ape with a watermelon. Pull at the tail of the ape to find the king.

Honey: Top right a little under the paintbrush you find a flesh-eating plant at the top of a tree. Click on it to find the honey.

Baseball: In the middle, left of the tower you see a man on a dino, the dino has it head down. Move around the wheel with the tower to let the dino move his head to the top and dump a stone in the lava.

Boxing glove: There is a man working on a pc close to the water with the flamingos. Click on the green thing in the water that is moving as soon as it is a bit down the river and you find the boxing glove in the pc.

Bottle: To the right, you see a lot of pink trees. Just right of that there are some small pink flowers, click on those.

Cap: Thanks to @NoAngelHonesty: in the left corner there’s man sleeping. click on him a few times so he’ll do his job. after the grain is cut, you’ll see the cap

travel cup (those that star bucks use): Top right where a mother and child are painting on stone block

Paintbrush: Top right where a shovel is next to a hole, click on the hole a few times. It is a little bit above the honey.

Binoculars: In the middle, just a little bit above the stone tower you see children on a slide. Click on the guide next to the dino for him to jump on it.

Animal: Down/left butterflies point toward a tree, in the middle of the top of the tree you can click and will find it.

Tennis ball: down/left you find an anteater, click on it to let it open up the hole close to it.

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