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Skeletal Avenger – 100% achievement guide

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Skeletal Avengers


I hope you’ll enjoy playing through “Skeletal Avenger“. In the beginning, this game felt really hard but gladly you can grind for gold to level up skills and that will make your life in this game a whole lot easier… wait you’re an undead.. you don’t have a life anymore…

Don’t worry about the achievements while playing through the game, a lot of them you’ll just unlock without working actively towards them. I would only suggest that if you can choose between perks and there is one that is new to you (it will tell you at the top of the window when you have to choose) go for that one as you never know when it will show up again.

First playthrough

Baby Steps
Complete the tutorial.
This achievement is story-related.

Master of Dungeon
Kill Dungeon boss.
This achievement is story-related.

Sewage Treatement
Kill Sewer boss.
This achievement is story-related.

Pest Control
Kill Dark Caverns boss.
This achievement is story-related.

Kill Sorcerer’s Castle boss.
This achievement is story-related.

Find all trinkets.
This one came naturally for me as it was quite easy to find all the trinkets. I have used the one which gives 2 levels in anything the most because it looks so powerful.

Kill 50 enemies with deflected projectiles.
There are weapons that deflect magic attacks, or some armor that reflects it with a dash. I mostly used a sword because that was my favorite weapon type.

Perk Up
Collect 10 perks for a single avenger.
I got this one easily while finding a map where a lot of perks are and it also helps to have equipment that lets you start a quest with a perk.

Have 100 enemies killed by environment hazards.
For this achievement, the explosive barrels don’t count, but you can run around blocks with poison o other danger and hope the enemies get killed. I mostly got this achievement with mice and scorpions running in circles around such a poison block till they are killed.

Coin Operator
Collect 100,000 coins.
This achievement might take some time but is nothing to worry about while playing the game. You’ll unlock it at some point. The quests in area 4 seem to give the most money.

Start New Game Plus.
Started New Game Plus.
This can be done after finishing the main quest by going to the upstairs area.

Perk Tester
Try out every kind of perk.
This is one of the harder achievements because a part of it is based on luck. I would suggest that when you see a new perk (at the top it will tell you that it is a new one) always choose that, even if it will ruin your run, some are just so hard to come by.
There is a perk that only unlocks in the 4th area with the healers, you have to deflect the healer’s spell (I think a few times) and then you can find the perk that lets you change those deflects into fireballs.
There are also 3 perks that only unlock when playing co-operative. I got 2 of those while just faking I played with 2 in the challenges with endless encounters. The third one was a lot harder and doesn’t unlock that way because it only unlocks when you have 2 or more floors left in the current quests. I did that one when I was in a dungeon where the skeleton was next to me on the start of the second floor. I quit that game, started again, and then go back as if I played co-op and kept quitting and going back until I found it. Then I killed both characters so it would be for sure count as collecting it and I didn’t have to play through the whole quest with 2 characters by myself.

Find all item types.
I don’t know exactly where to find every item, but you can see at the vendor how many items you’re missing. From the steam forum I understand that the scepter only drops in the 4th area of the world map and I found the last item, the wizard hat, only in new game+, but that might also be me just being unlucky.

Reset back to ascension 1

After you proceed to go to ascension 2 after finishing the game, you can always go back to ascension 1, but it will reset the map. For a few achievements, it is very nice to do them while resetting back to ascension one because you keep your trinkets, skills, and armor/weapons.

The following achievements might be done earlier on, but if you don’t have them after getting the achievement to proceed to new game+ (and possibly get the äll items” achievement in this new game+) I would suggest just go back to ascension one and get them there while being really overpowered.

Swift Justice
Complete a revenge in 150 seconds.
This achievement is the easiest on a map with “Tiny” in the name, and having the master key trinket equipped so you don’t have to bother with switched to open doors or finding red keys. Just run through the levels until you find the exit and at the last floor, keep close attention in which area the boss is to quickly go there and kill is.

Kill 25 enemies within 10 seconds.
I did this in a level in the second area where you have those red pipes where scorpions can release from. Just run around with a bunch of them until you think you have enough and then quickly kill them.

Complete a quest without using your weapon.
See “Dasher” for an explanation for this achievement.

Complete a quest using only dash.
I did this quest while I was still going through the story, but I can only imagine how much easier it is doing this after resetting back to ascension one. I did it when my starting perk was “Rotten Feet”, the one you leave a necrotic puddle when using a dash. This gets easier the higher your necrotic skill is but if you have been able to reset back to ascension one my guess is that you have already a high level.

Kill 8 enemies with a single primary attack hit.
This can be done with a lot of mice in the first area because you always kill them with one hit. It might also be possible with the scorpions that spawn from those red pipes.

Doom Skull
Kill 8 enemies with a single skull throw.
I did this achievement on a quest in the first area while using my wizard hat, which does fire damage to every enemy around it.

Complete a quest without taking any damage.
This one is very doable in a “tiny” quest. Just be very careful and maybe get the master key trinket equipped so you don’t have to do the whole level. I did this one in a quest in the 4th area of the map because I didn’t have any quests left in the first area, but knowing now that you can reset back to ascension 1, that might have been much easier.

Fifty Quests
Complete fifty quests.
I completed this one after resetting back to ascension 1, not going for the first boss but keep doing mostly the “tiny” quests while also having the master key trinket equipped.

Thank you!

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