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Smart Factory Tycoon – 100% Achievement Guide

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Smart Factory Tycoon


Welcome to this Achievement guide for Smart Factory Tycoon.

You won’t need this guide much as the achievements are very straightforward, but I decided still to write it in case anybody is unsure about something or want to check out the achievements before starting to play this very addictive and enjoyable game.

Smart Factory Tycoon has no missable achievements and unlocking all the achievements might at least take 10h. It took me a little over 12 hours but this was including starting over from scratch when I wasn’t happy with my first setup and mostly played on the 10x speed.

General tips to start your factory

Here are some general tips when you start your factory:

  1. Start small: try to go only for the rubber duck because you need only 2 machines for it. Don’t have more than 2 robots.
  2. Increase the speed of your robots first, as they have to move from everywhere to everywhere this seems the best option to level to the max.
  3. Always try to complete a contract within that market cycle, otherwise you get less money for it. So start with small amounts, don’t go for 20… go for like 5. You can always accept it again to make a few more.
  4. Don’t start a new contract before finishing the old one. I excepted a new one when I only had to make 1 more product or so. Your robots are real procrastinators, so they prefer starting a new job before finishing the old one, don’t give them that chance.
  5. Ignore the warnings about chargers and lubricators, 4/5 robots are fine with sharing one and just take turns. Running more of them only costs more money and doesn’t help that much with making a profit.
  6. When you are buying more of the same machinery, use connectors in your plans. You can make a connector room in the back of the hall, they don’t have to be in the room with the robots as your robots never have to go to the connectors. (so you can also build them all next to each other in that room in the back).

Most of all: keep in mind that everything costs money to run, so try to run plans with not much machinery first and be careful with building more of them. Is the higher energy bill worth it yet, or can you run your factory a little longer in a smaller size?

Achievements for number of in-game days reached

The following achievements are for the number of in-game days reached on one save file. On the 10x speed one day takes around 1 minute if you don’t pause at all. But you will have to accept market orders and unlock upgrades and stuff like that, so it doesn’t mean you’ll be done with the game in 100 minutes.

Starting Out
Reach day 10

Factory Level 20
Reach factory level 20

50 Days
Reach Day 50

75 Days
Reach Day 75

100 Days
Reach Day 100

Turned A Year
Reach Day 365

Achievements for the different upgrades

There is an achievement for every upgrade. You can use a save cheat to unlock those if you want to. Save up to around 10 upgrade points in the middle of the first year when you don’t need them that much, but it also isn’t too hard yet to save them as you don’t need that much experience to unlock them. Then make a manual save before spending them, spend them and reload, to spend them on others.

Market PredictionI-I
Unlock R&D Section: Market Prediction – I

Market Prediction – II
Unlock R&D Section: Market Prediction – II

Market Expansion – Medium
Unlock R&D Section: Market Expansion – Medium

Market Expansion – Master
Unlock R&D Section: Market Expansion – Master

Solar Energy
Unlock R&D Section: Solar Energy

Wind Energy
Unlock R&D Section: Wind Energy

Lumberjack – I
Unlock R&D Section: Lumberjack – I

Lumberjack – II
Unlock R&D Section: Lumberjack – II

Supplier Connections – I
Unlock R&D Section: Supplier Connections – I

Supplier Connections – II
Unlock R&D Section: Supplier Connections – II

Epic Robots
Unlock R&D Section: Epic Robots

Legendary Robots
Unlock R&D Section: Legendary Robots

Machine Upgrade
Unlock R&D Section: Machine Upgrade

Advanced Machines
Unlock R&D Section: Advanced Machines

Overseas Suppliers
Unlock R&D Section: Overseas Suppliers

Hypersoft Tires
Unlock R&D Section: Hypersoft Tires

Turbo Motor Boat
Unlock R&D Section: Turbo Motor Boat

Speedy Rotor
Unlock R&D Section: Speedy Rotor

Oily Railways
Unlock R&D Section: Oily Railways

Wireless Charging
Unlock R&D Section: Wireless Charging

Unlock R&D Section: Gardener

Smart Building
Unlock R&D Section: Smart Building

Smart Storage
Unlock R&D Section: Smart Storage

Smart Maintenance
Unlock R&D Section: Smart Maintenance

Master Technicians
Unlock R&D Section: Master Technicians

Tax Discount
Unlock R&D Section: Tax Discount

Real Estate Agency
Unlock R&D Section: Real Estate Agency

Unlock R&D Section: Accountant

Unlock R&D Section: Constructor

Other achievements

First Building
Name your first building
This achievement you can’t miss as the game will ask you to name the first building.

Complete the tutorial
I would highly suggest just quickly going through the tutorial anyway, it helps you understand the game and it only takes like 5 minutes.

Buy your first robot
This achievement you can’t miss as you need robots to run your factory. You can’t use those fancy machines with your in-game cursor!

First Contract
Plan and execute your first contract
Another achievement that can’t be missed is you have to link machinery to start a contract.

Go Bankrupt
This is the only achievement you want to do on a different save file, but is so easy. Just start a new save file, spend as many as you can to get close to -5k, and then wait to just go bankrupt. Can be done in under 5 minutes.

You are out
Fire a robot
Fire in this description might make it a little bit confusing. Selling a robot is what they mean.

10 Products
Deliver 10 products
You have done this already before reading this guide, right?

Factory Level 1
Reach factory level 1
Another achievement that you can’t miss, as you likely will reach level 1 after making around 25 products. As far as I noticed is that you get more experience the more plastic you use, so go for as much quality as you can.

Factory Level 50
Reach factory level 50
This one takes a bit more time but you’ll get this one before you reach day 365. I would use the highest quality resources to get the most experience for each contract.

100 Products
Deliver 100 products
Self explaining

1000 Products
Deliver 1000 products
Self explaining

15 Special Orders
Complete 15 special orders
There is a tab with special orders, they have a time limit to get the highest payment but even if you fail within the time they count toward this achievement. Every new cycle of orders there is 2 to 4 new orders of this type. I recommend focusing on those, but mostly when you can’t finish another contract that gives a lot of money, as the money received for this type of contract doesn’t change when changing cycles, but only if you don’t make them in time.

100 Special Orders
Complete 100 special orders
See my description above. This achievement together with 365 days reached might be the lasts ones to unlock.

Earn 250 000 on market deliveries
This will just come with time. Keep doing orders and you got this.

Earn 1M on market deliveries
This will just come with time. Keep doing orders and you got this.

Earn 2M on market deliveries
This will just come with time. Keep doing orders and you got this.

Go Green
Have at least 40 trees
See the next achievement.

Green World
Have at least 100 trees
I used the same trick here as well. Have a bit of money. Save before doing this. Plant the trees and then reload the save after the achievement popped. You can buy a nice garden on the left of your factory to have room for those trees.

Sustainable Energy
Have at least 30 wind turbines and solar panels
I used the same trick here as well. Have a bit of money. Save before doing this. Buy wind turbines or solar panels and then reload the save after the achievement popped. You can buy a nice garden on the left of your factory to have room for those devices. I have had some during my playthrough and they might have saved me some money, but I didn’t have the feeling it was worth it.

Thank you!

Thank you for using my guide. If you found the guide helpful, please consider following my curator page