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Sword of the Necromancer Achievement guide + General tips + IR Codes

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Sword of the Necromancer

General tips

Welcome to my guide.

In this guide, I’ll mostly explain the achievements, but let’s start with some general information and tips. This guide will contain spoilers! For the very heavy spoilers I used the spoiler tag, but by just looking through this guide you might already see some spoilers.

Sword of the Necromancer has no missable achievements and it takes around 12h till completion. It has a little bit of RNG but it isn’t too bad. I would suggest to first enjoy the game and focus on leveling up before going all in on the achievements. Here is an overview of what you earn when leveling up:

For a few achievements, it is useful to keep an eye out for them during your playthrough.

There is an achievement for finding all the different types of weapons and killing a monster with them. So every time you see a new type, get it and kill a few monsters with it, so you don’t have to do that later on. In the altar by the bookshelf, you can see which weapon types you have found and how many monsters you’ve killed with it.

Another achievement is for summoning all different monster types. So keep an eye out for each different one, revive them and then summon them.

Story based achievements

The powers of Necromancy are mine
Get the Sword of the Necromancer

Non-missable: This will be the first achievement you unlock.
No matter the cost
Resurrect Koko

Non-missable: You’ll get this achievement when you beat the dungeon with Tama
This is our story
See all the memories

Non-missable: If you did already go for the achievement “I reject this cursed power”, You’ll unlock this once you enter the last boss room with Koko.
Let’s end this… Together!
Defeat the Necromancer

You’ll get this by getting the good ending. If you didn’t get it, use the hourglass to go back in time.

Here is how you get the good ending:
You have to defeat the Tama with her own sword, not with the sword of the necromancer.

Combat based achievements

To catch them is my real test
Revive 20 different types of monster

There are 20 enemy types in the game. For this achievement, you have to revive and summon all the different types. So when you see a new one, make sure you resurrect and summon it.
Weapon Collector
Get every type of weapon

This achievement might only unlock in the area with the altar.

There are 15 different type of weapons in the game:
Special (Aka the sword of the necromancer), Gladius, Sabre, Claymore, Lance, Bardiche, Labrys, Halberd, Pike, Throwing Axe, Recurve Bow, Longbow, Grimoire F, Grimoire G,
Grimoire R.

In the altar area, you can use the bookshelf to see which weapons you have collected and if you have killed monsters with them. In case you’re missing a few at the end of the game, check out the IR section down below to see if the missing weapons might have an IR code to quickly get it.
Weapon Master
Kill enemies with every type of weapon

This achievement might only unlock in the area with the altar.

You need to kill at least 1 monster with every weapon type. The weapon types are listed just above here and by the bookshelf, you can see if you have killed a monster with every weapon.
Monster Slayer
Kill 100 enemies

You’ll get this before you complete the game.
Tonight we dine in hell!
Kill 300 enemies

You’ll get this before you complete the game.
With all your might
Perform a Charged Attack

I didn’t pay attention when I got this, but I would think that by holding the attack button you can charge the weapon as you do with a bow. I’m not sure if it works with a bow or not.
Take this!
Perform a Critical Attack

You’ll get this one quite quickly for sure, if you don’t have it when you’re mopping up the achievements, there is a stat you can forge to increase the change, or use the stats that is a finishing blow for the type of weapon you use.
Kill an enemy with a single blow

You’ll get this without a problem, in case you didn’t, use a strong weapon/spell on one of the enemies on the first floor.
Army of Dead
Have 3 monsters summoned at the same time

You always have to have the sword of the necromancer equipped, so on the other 3 slots, you need to have a monster equipped and summon them at the same time.
Useless! Useless!
Evade an enemy attack with a dodge

Dodge is the same button as dash, but the important difference is that for dodge you have to stand still while pushing the button.
This won’t hurt me
Deflect a magic attack

For this achievement, you need a shield with the mirror attribute. If you’re having problems finding one, there is an IR code in the IR section for Relics which is a shield with the mirror ability. Use it when a monster casts a spell on you. It doesn’t work on ground magic like the Pobawas cast.
It is all written
Use Nodamoe’s Scriptures

You’ll find this item in your chest after you got the good ending, it is a very powerful weapon.

I asked the developer if you can ever lose this item, but if you discard it there will be a new one in your chest when you enter the altar area again.
Army of One
Clear a dungeon floor without summoning a monster

This is the easiest on the first floor where enemies aren’t that difficult. You will get it upon entering the boss room, so you don’t have to kill the boss for this achievement.
Can’t touch this
Clear a dungeon floor without taking damage

This is the easiest on the first floor where enemies aren’t that difficult. You will get it upon entering the boss room, so you don’t have to kill the boss for this achievement.
To train them is my cause
Get 5 different types of monsters to max rank

This might be the most challenging achievement in the game. Each monster has 5 levels: No star > Bronze star > Silver star > Gold star > White Star

I turned on the game setting that you can recall summons from everywhere. Then I did go to the first or second floor and really babysit the summon while it is killing enemies. It was a lot of summon next to a monster and recall it after that monster died or a heavy attack was incoming. I did go back to the altar are when a summon did get low on health and put it in the chest and take it out. That way it is healed.

I did this achievement with the following summons:

Other achievements

Dwarf in the Flask
Use the Flask of Homunculus

For this achievement, you’ll need a second controller. After you beat the first boss you can find this item in the altar area next to your chest. When you pick it up and go back to the dungeon while a second controller is active you’ll unlock it upon entering the dungeon. This potion is used to play the game in local-coop.
Fill the Inventory Chest

Easy achievement, throw a lot of stuff in the chest like summons, weapons, relics, and consumables. You’ll get this achievement without any problem.
Have 4 different types of weapons equipped at once

If you did throw weapons into your chest for the achievement above, this achievement is easy. You can unlock this while being in the altar area. Just equip 4 weapons and it pops.
Relic Hunter
Have 3 different relics equipped at once

For this achievement, you have to have 3 relics equipped. I don’t think shields count for this one. This achievement can also be unlocked while in the altar area.
I reject this cursed power
Get rid of the Sword of the Necromancer

You’ll get this achievement if you get Tama’s sword from the tutorial area when playing as Koko.

(This sword is also needed for the good ending)
Max Power
Get the character to level 20

You should already have got a lot of levels by just playing through the game. When you use the setting that you keep your experience then only the current level resets when leaving the dungeon or when you die. The stats for extra experience that you can add to some relics is very helpful for this achievement. If you have multiple items with this stat, they all count.

You can find in the IR Relics section “Stone of Courage” which has the exp atribute.

In the current version, your progress on the last floor when you beat the final boss will not count. This isn’t a bug but just something the developer hadn’t thought of. This will be changed in an upcoming update.
Sword of the Necromancer
Get all the Achievements

IR codes Weapons

In this part of the guide, I’ll list the IR codes that are listed on the discord server from the developer. There might be added new ones later on, keep an eye out on the discord server, twitter or reddit for those. Here is a link to the discord server:

Draining Gladius

Fire Throwing Axe

Light Recurve

Grimoire R of Wind

Ice Halberd

Thunder Claymore

Dark Bardiche

Momon’s Spear

Wind Recurve

IR codes Relics

Mirror Shield

Ring of Dash

Amulet of Protection

Stone of Courage

IR codes summons

Dollahan (Light)



Impcher (Ice)

IR codes Consumbles

Heart Potion

Flask of Homunculus

Coin of Nodam

Escape Rope

Thank you!

Thank you for using my guide. If you found the guide helpful, please consider following my curator page.