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The World Next Door – Collector achievement checklist

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The world Next Door


In this guide I’ll list the items you need to have before moving on in the game for the achievement “Collector” in The World Next Door. This guide will contain major spoilers, if you don’t want them, please click away now!

The general rule is to talk with everybody and explore every room. The game will ask you if you want to leave to a shrine, make sure to check if you got every item before jumping on it. In the shrine you’ll automatically leave after each boss fight. You can check your inventory during boss fights, in case you’re missing items, just die on the boss fight.

Talk with Cornell every single day to have the option on the last day to take him with you to the Shrine.

Day 1 – No missables

Jun’s Mask: You will get this automatically at the beginning of the game.
Tram Ticket: You will get this automatically at the beginning of the game.

Day 2

Talk with Ordor and return his baseball cap.

Celestial Shrine

Elegent Hourglass: Finish the puzzle room, you find it after you got left on the first fork.
locket: You find it in the first room with a healing well.
Celestial Shrine Key

Day 3

Fancy Lip Glodd: Talk with Lux to get the quest to retreive her lip gloss.
Vesper’s Manga: Talk with Vesper and follow him around.

Forge Shrine

Serpent Amulet: puzzle room
Forge Shrine Key

There is a door in this shrine you can’t open yet. You’ll come later back for it.

Day 4

Healing Crystal: Talk with Rainy to do his side quest.
Talk with Camelia to get her side quest, you can’t finish it today.
Ancient Book: Talk with Cerissa to do here sidequest. If you get stuck on the puzzles, use this guide

Undercroft Shrine

Dusty Old Relic: Puzzle room
Undercroft Shrine Key

Day 5

Horace’s Lighter: Talk with Horace to start his sidequest.
Talk with King about the love letters. Follow the side quest after that till they are together.

Go to the shrine with Cornell, you can only do this if you have talked with him every day.


Heavy Vintage Ring – make sure to collect this before going to the boss, but if you accidentally go there you can die to still get it – Thank you Marklar for this extra info

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