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Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip – Walkthrough and achievement guide

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Tiny Terry's Turbo Trip


Welcome to my walkthrough and achievement guide for Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip.

This guide will tell you about all the things you can do in TTTT. I’ll start the guide off with some general tips, which are mostly relevant to those who want to unlock all the achievements. If you’re here for just the walkthrough, feel free to pass that section.

Some achievements seem to be missable, but that comes down to saving up 450 Turbo Trash before turning it into an upgrade for your car and most importantly of all… waiting to finish the game until you have done everything else and unlocked all the other achievements. After finishing the game I got back on the map but without quests. I’m unsure if that was because I finished all of them, or that it was indeed the reason why the game warns you to only go through with the ending after you felt you had done everything.

Unlocking all the achievements in Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip takes around 10h+ to finish. Most time will be spent on finding every single turbo trash item.

I hope you have a lot of fun with the game!


  • Buy the Junk Detector Hat really really early on! It costs 1k bucks and can be bought in the junk store. You cannot reach all the trash from the beginning, but I would recommend riding down if the alarm goes off but you can’t find it, so you later know where to go back to.
  • Whenever you see items lying around in a circle, dig in the middle.
  • The elevators in Tiny Terry’s Turbo Trip work, so take them to find a bunch of shortcuts.
  • When you jump and then swing with your pipe when in the air, you jump just a little bit higher.
  • On the map, when you hover over a person/location, you see a box in the top right corner. There you can see if you already got the reward for that location.
  • In the battle with Ricky, hold down the turbo button when using the turbo. I failed so many times because I just clicked it and did not hold it down.

    Community tips on earning money:
    Baconlorde: A tip for “quick” money. There is a nice looking sports car that spawns in the Sky Plaza parking lot or in the Job Application Center parking lot (not always 100% but those are the only places I saw it spawn). if you sell it to Jatkleuter you get 150 cash for each car
    Mr. Blurryface: What I did was I went to dense populated areas and looked for NPC’s that had a yellow wallet (you can visually tell if they have a wallet by looking at their back) and I hit them with a crane (or whatever weapon you have) to make their wallets fall off, if you hit the wallet 3 times once it is on the floor it will break and it will give you 15 money. I basically went in a circle hitting every trash can, trash bag and box I saw while also looking for yellow wallets, it took me around 1-2 hours to get the 750 money I needed. Another tip is to race Ricky, once you’ve won enough times, he will stop giving you junk and he will now reward you with up to 45 money I believe.
    Myst Lunarbane: Extra tip for beating Ricky, you can literally just get out of your car and smash his car with the pipe or whatever other weapon you have.

Walkthrough: Things To Do

In this section, I’ll tell you how to complete all the quests. Keep in mind that this section contains spoilers, so don’t check it if you first want to try and find everything yourself. Nothing is missable. The list below is not in any specific order, some will only be able to be completed after something else is finished. I’ll try to write that down as well.

Visit Zmirapfy’s Garage.
Location on the mini-map above: A
What to do: Just visit the Garage and talk with Zmirapfy about upgrading your car.

Upgrade Terry’s car at least once.
Location on the mini-map above: A
What to do: Bring at least 150 Turbo trash so that Zmirapfy can upgrade your car.

Call Grony.
Location on the mini-map above: Anywhere
What to do: Go to your inventory and call number 1, aka Grony.

Buy Trucker’s Pert’s trash can.
Location on the mini-map above: B
What to do: This is on the same level as Zmirapfy garage, talk with the two men in the truck and buy the trash can. If you decline the first time, the price goes from 50 to 25 money. Decline a second time and the price goes up to 50 again.

Impress Spepely.
Location on the mini-map above: C
What to do: Go back into the Job Application Center and keep talking with Spepely. You probably have to first visit your home and maybe even Snekfret before this to-do list item can be completed.

Catch insects for Snekfret’s new recipe.
Location on the mini-map above: D
What to do: Go to Snekfret and tell him he should add a new item to the menu. After a whole conversation about what it can be you get the to-do list item to catch 4 different insects. Those can easily be found in the Binnenrot and Buitenrot areas. You need to have bought a net for 100 bucks by any Junk Store.

Occasionally check up on Burning Bernie.
Location on the mini-map above: E
What to do: Keep checking on Burning Bernie. I think you need to do that around 4 times.

Sell stolen cars with Jatkleuter.
Location on the mini-map above: F
What to do: Steal cars from anywhere except the Binnenrot and Buitenrod area and bring them back to Jatkleuter for some money. You can steal the cars by hitting the lock a few times. After you bring Jatkleuter 2 cars this to-do list item is completed.

Visit Terry’s apartment.
Location on the mini-map above:
What to do: Go inside the building and take the elevator to your apartment. Sit on the couch to check off this to-do list item. However there is also a letter from your parents on the kitchen table, and maybe your fish can also use some food.

Share fries with Griatta.
Location on the mini-map above: G
What to do: After finishing the Snekfret’s to-do list item, talk a few times with Griatta, who is the receptionist at your apartment building. She has some questions about your parents leaving you here and if you take good care of yourself. After a few conversations, you invite her to try out the Beach Fries. Meet her outside Snekfret’s restaurant to eat some fries together.

Impress the Soccer Kids.
Location on the mini-map above: H
What to do: Score 5 goals in one game with a time limit of 2 minutes. This might take a few tries before you get the hang of it. It would have been so much easier if it was a normal soccer ball :P.

Engage in “criminal activities” with Steelkees.
Location on the mini-map above: I
What to do: You will find Steelkees in an alleyway. He wants you to find a way to do something criminal without hurting anybody. Go to the Town Hall and steal a piece of paper by catching it with your net. This paper is in the area with broken furniture. Bring it back to Steelkees to finish off this to-do item.

Pay off the government debt.
Location on the mini-map above: J
What to do: After finishing the to-do item with Steelkees, go back to the Town Hall to talk with the people inside. They want you to bring back 999.000.000 money… but maybe we should remove 6 zeros so that 1.000 is enough.

Get a high combo in Breenklap’s dancing class.
Location on the mini-map above: K
What to do: You can enter the hotel by going to the parking space behind the hotel and walking up to the pool area, or use the elevator which can be found close to the roundabout, and move toward the swimming pool. There Breenklap is holding a yoga class, join him and reach a combo of at least 15. This item gets crossed off the to-do list after you quit the mini-game.

Figure out what to do with the Stone Mushroom
Location on the mini-map above: L
What to do: Go to Stone Mushroom area to get this to-do list item and then find 4 wind chimes around the whole map. You will only see them when standing directly under them, but you can hear them from a bit further away and you’ll see the wind around the specific area you need to stand to let the wind chime appear.
The locations of the wind chimes:
1. Just on one of the mushrooms.
2. Gummy Pup Resting Ground between the benches.
3. South of Dakraderf, on a stone on the ground.
4. Close to Terry’s house, where the friend is waiting outside.
After finishing this question you can reach 3 new trash cans by following the wind flow and when you find the launch spot go there and use your glider to get to the trash pots. The launching areas can be found here:
– At the top of the restaurant in Buitenrot
– At the parking spot by the hotel.
– Top of Katsklep area

Here are pictures of the wind Chime areas:

Prefer to see it as a video? Here is a link to my YouTube video where I collect them:

And here a video for the 3 wind streams that unlock after the Stone Mushroom quest:

Help Petra produce all Gummy Pups.
Location on the mini-map above: M
What to do: Go inside the pet store to get the quest to find 7 blueprints of Gummy Pups. Everyone you bring back will give you a pet that will follow you. You have to catch the blueprints with your net. There is a store close by where you can spend 25 money for a hint for the Gummy Pup blueprints. After you get all the blueprints, don’t forget to also go back to the store where you get the hints, as that NPC also has a reward for you. Here is where you can find the 7 blueprints:
1. Just outside the pet store.
2. Beach area close to the city hall.
3. Behind the hotel in the desert area.
4. Behind the Job Application Center. Park a car against the elevator area to jump on the roof and from there onto the area behind the JAC.
5. In the Waardan Tunnel.
6. On the side of the road “Zandtoeter Highway.
7. In the sewer system, you can find the entrance in the Buitenrot Beach area.

Here are pictures of the blueprints:

And here is a video for those that prefer to see it on camera. Sorry, I’m such a bad driver 😛


You got a job!
And you will never do it!

… 1
Call Grony
When you open your inventory you’ll see a phone. Call Grony (Phone number: 1) to unlock this.

Can be found in many places as this and the pipe just spawns in places close by until you pick it up. It is used to dig up items.

Hit someone with a pipe
Just hit someone with the pipe, and while you’re on it… Hit a bunch more 😛

Celebrated the anarchy
Hit a concerning amount of people with a pipe…
I tried to see if this also worked with the wrench, but I think it doesn’t. It unlocked for me after hitting people with the pipe.

Get stung by a cactus and go into financial ruin
Run into a cactus. I think most of us already unlock this by accident.

Turbo Time!
Upgrade your car for the first time
You can upgrade your car in the garage for 150 Turbo Trash.

Tiny Terry’s Turbo Taxi
Upgrade your car 5 times
I highly recommend going for 7 upgrades to unlock the ability to teleport to parking spots. Each upgrade costs 150 Turbo Trash. After this, I would save all the Turbo Trash because there is also an achievement for having 450 in your inventory. There is also no reason to keep upgrading after upgrade 7.

Junk Enthusiast
Collect 50 Turbo Junk
They can be found all over the map and as a reward for completing some to-do items.

Junk Hunter
Collect 450 Turbo Junk
!! This achievement can be missable.!!
There is an item in the Junk Store that makes finding the Turbo Junk easier, but it costs 1.000 bucks. However, I highly recommend going for this item very early on in the game, as there is an achievement to find every single Turbo Junk and with this item, you will find them much easier.
EDIT 31 May 2024: This appears to be a bug and it will later be fixed to a version where you don’t need to have 450 Turbo trash in your inventory but just have found them.

Hat Enthousiast
Buy a hat
There are multiple hat stores in town. It is such a nice feature you can already see on the map if you bought all their stock or not.

Hat collector
Collect a bunch of hats
I’m unsure how many hats you need, but I recommend only buying the ones you like and then the very cheap ones, as you only need a few of them. I would first buy the items from the Junk store before buying those hats.

Big Spender
Spend a lot of money
I’m unsure how much money you need to spend for this achievement but with how much you will spend in the Junk Store, Hat store and for a specific quest, you’ll get this before finishing the game.

That’s a wrap on the Mayor
No really, that was the last time you’ll see him
You’ll find the major under the large tower. I thought it was funny how the game told you with this achievement that this was his whole role and now he’s gone.

Home Sweet Home
Spend some time at home
Go home and sit on the couch.

Fish Fries
Feed your fish
Go to your room to feed your fish Beach Fries

Insect Enthusiast
Catch an insect
Buy the net and catch a bug. You’ll need to catch multiple insects for another achievement, so keep catching insects.

Insect Ambassador
Carry a lot of different insect types in your pocket for no reason
There are a total of 9 different bugs. Gladly you only need 6 different types for this achievement.

Crab Enthusiast
Spot crabs (and take their money)
When you’re at the restaurant on the beach, outside is a binocular, watch at the crabs, and then go to them to take the money.

Citrus Kicker
Win a game of orange socces
Play soccer with the kids at school. You must score 5 goals in one game. This is challenging, as the orange is quite unpredictable and the kids are good at defending their goal. With practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

Outer Peace
Complete a yoga session
You find the yoga instructor at the top of the hotel. join him in a session. I’m unsure how high the combo must be for this achievement, but I expect it must be 15, just like the to-do item says. This unlocked for me after quitting the mini-game which is why I’m unsure. This might change in the future so it unlocks while doing the mini-game.

Suck at flirting
Participaing is more important than winning
Keep talking with Spepely in the job application center.. it will not go well but you’ll get this achievement for it!

Must. Catch. Them. All.
Collect all the gummy pups.
Catch one of the 7 blueprints with your net and bring it to the pet store. In the walkthrough above I show the locations of the 7 blueprints.

Weird Dog
Equip a gummy pup
After catching at least one blueprint and bringing it to the Pet Store, you can equip your first Gummy Pup by going into your inventory and equipping it.

Model Citizen
Pay off the government debt
After finishing the to-do list item of doing something criminal you can go back to the Town Hall and help out the government by spending 1.000(.000.000) money, but we will add those zeros later, so thousand money is enough. I would first buy all the items in the junk Store before going for this quest/achievement.

Raging Ricky
Get caught by Ricky and forced into another bumper car battle
After your first bumper car event… you have the chance to find Ricky in town (Dakraderf, Katsklep, or Sky Plaza). He will instantly challenge you for a new bumper car battle as soon as he spots you. There is no cooldown after finishing the bumper car battle. Keep doing this mini-game till you win but also until Ricky tells you he doesn’t have any Turbo Trash anymore and will now play for money instead.

Bumper Carts is my passion
Defeat Ricky in a bumper car battle
This took me so long to complete until I learned that the turbo only works when you hold down the turbo button. I was just pressing it. After that, it was so much more doable. It might still be a challenge as you need to hit Ricky on the side or back of the car with a turbo, 3 times before he hit you 3 times. You want to keep doing this mini-game even after winning until Ricky tells you he doesn’t have any Turbo Trash anymore.

Mushroom Chime Mushroom Chime
Whatever could it mean?
Go to the Stone Mushroom area on the map to unlock this.

Inner Peace
The wind is valling
Find all 4 wind chimes and bring them to the Stone Mushroom. It is quite challenging to find the wind chimes, as you mostly hear them and will only see them when standing right under them. In the walkthrough above you can find the locations. Finishing this quest also unlocks the ability to get to 3 Turbo Trash cans you couldn’t reach before. Follow the wind to a specific area and then hop on it with your glider to get to it. The places where you need to start your glide are based in the Buitenrot area on top of the beach house restaurant, The parking lot of the Hotel, and at the top of the Katsklep area.

100% the game
This is a challenging achievement, as it requires you to find every Turbo Trash in the game. Gladly we have a helmet that will tell you when you get close to some unlocked Turbo Trash. Having problems with finding the last ones? Check on the map the icons t see if the icon in the top right corner of every location is ticked off. Another thing to keep in mind is battling Ricky until he doesn’t have any Turbo Trash anymore. And have you followed those wind flows after finishing the mushroom quest?

Go to space
This is the last thing you’ll do. It can already be done after just doing 7 upgrades, but the game warns you to think about it and if you have done everything you wanted to do. So I would recommend only going forward through the ending after finishing everything else.

Thank you!

Thank you for using my guide. If you found the guide helpful, please consider following my curator page: