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Top indie games of 2022

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What some of you might already know about me is that I love indie games. It is amazing to see how much populair indie games have gotten in the last few yeas, which is so deserved. There are so many wonderful developers and publishers making awesome games with just a small team, pouring all their love and creativity in their project. Around this time of year we see a lot of lists for the bests games of 2022, I wanted to pay a special tribute to those awesome indie games.

One person alone isn’t able to play all the awesome indie games that got released this year, and my taste might also be different than other people’s. To cover a wider range of indie games, I asked some lovely friends to share their top indie games of 2022 as well. I didn’t give them any restrictions as to how many or if they got released on the platform they play on this year, or if they released earlier but they played it this year. Please check out their lists, and maybe give them a follow to help them out. I’ll put my own list at the bottom. Keep in mind, we won’t be able to cover every awesome indie title, but hopefully, you find a game you didn’t hear of and want to check it out.

I’m looking forward to 2023, and I’m sure it will be a year full of new and older indie titles.



  1. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe Edition (Content/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  2. Roguebook (Content/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  3. Vampire Survivors (Content/Steam/Xbox)
  4. Trifox (Content/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  5. Wavetale (Content/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  6. Peglin (Content/Steam)

Ryan Brown

Works in publishing at Super Rare Games, is an ex-video games journalist, and works on multiple indie-related side projects

  1. Tunic (Content/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  2. Supraland Six Inches Under (Content/Steam)
  3. Pentiment (Content/Steam/Xbox)
  4. Tinykin (Content/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  5. Lil Gator Game (Content/Steam/Switch)
  6. Ghost Song (Content/Steam/Xbox/Switch)
  7. Escape Academy (Content/Steam/Xbox/Playstation)
  8. Citizen Sleeper (Content/Steam/Xbox/Switch)
  9. Potionomics (Content/Steam)
  10. Floppy Knight (Content/Steam/Xbox/Switch)

Lilly’s Corner

Life is Xbox

Dae Jim – LifeisXbox

  1. PowerWash Simulator (Review/Steam/Xbox)
  2. CounterAttack (Review/Steam/Xbox)
  3. Somerville (Review/Steam/Xbox)
  4. Gunfire Reborn (Steam/Xbox)
  5. Tinykin (Review/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
Missi Logo

Missi the Achievement Huntress

  1. Lost Nova (Review/Steam)
  2. Tinykin (Review/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  3. Wavetales (Review/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  4. Justice Sucks (Review/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  5. Cult of the Lamb (Review/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)
  6. Nobody Saves the World (Review/Steam/Xbox/Playstation/Switch)