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WitchHand – 100% Achievement Guide

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Welcome to my achievement guide for WitchHand.

I did enjoy Stackland already but love this game so much more. the art style, the theme, just everything! Gladly it isn’t that hard of an achievement list, especially not if you use some tricks. It has some grindy achievements but they weren’t as grindy as I did expect them to be.

You can die in this game, and that will result in a run ending. However, there are 2 things you can do against that:

  1. When you die you get the pop-up if you want to quit or start a new run. if you choose to quit and go back to the save files, there will be a save file just seconds before you died. This might help you pull through the thing that killed you.
  2. You can back up your save file while going through a run, this way if you die, you don’t have to start all over again. You can find your save file in the appdata\local\witchhand folder.

The achievements that say that you have to do something X amount of time, this has to be done in one save. so you have to use the explore ability 500 times and need to have 10 familiars in one run. most of them will come naturally. I would highly recommend waiting with grinding gold and exploring till around the end. Because you need a lot of items around the end, so just stock up on everything. Also for the explore achievement, you’ll get a wonder that lets familiars that are doing nothing automatically jump onto explore cards, which makes it so much more doable. You only have to watch out for enemies that came from those packs to kill those in time before midnight strikes.

Last thing but not important… use the settings you like while starting a new save. there is a nice option to not have enemies (but there are some achievements for which you need enemies). as well as there are settings to make the game more enjoyable to your style in the advanced settings, and using those settings also unlocks your first achievement.


Sell a letter from home.
You get a letter after day 3, and after reading it, you can sell it for 1 coin. You’ll get the chance to sell others later on when you receive more of them.

Learn a spell.
Early on in the game, you’ll learn how to summon spells and make them.

Healing Touch
Cast a healing spell.
This is the first spell you’ll receive.

Fated Servant
Complete a quest from the Council of Fates.
Around night 3 or 4 you’ll learn about Council of Fates quests, which are quests for which you have a limited time to complete, but each night you get a new one.

Fated Scion
Complete a golden quest from the Council of Fates.
These are harder but longer quests. The first one will be to donate 20 coins.

First in the ninth
Build the First Waypoint
You’ll get this chance after you unlock all of the spells in the first series. It costs a moonstone and a Mana to complete.

Befriend a Faerie City
I did this with a merchant familair.

Destroy a Faerie City
Slot a warrior familiar into an enemy Faerie City till the health of the city reaches zero.

Explore 100 times.
Keep buying exploring packs and explore them, the action of “exploring” is what counts for this achievement.

Create A wonder.
This is a card type that is built in multiple stages. i did go for the alchemist which first was 5 crystals and the second stage was 5 mana.

Link two villages as the Celestial Witch.
This is a second-tier spell and costs a slot in a village.

Kill it with Fire
Throw a fireball.
This is also a tier 2 spell, which is a consumable card that does 3 damage.

So Many Friends
Summon 20 Familiars.
You need to have them all at the same time.

Perform a rite.
Around the end of Tier 2 spells, you get the ability to get a rite. I did get the Rite of Iron, which combines the spell, a familiar, and a bone.

Second in the Ninth
Build the second Waypoint
This unlocks tier 3 spells. You get this spell when you get all the T2 spells.

Fated Devotee
Complete a silver quest from the Council of Fates.
I got those types of quests while working on T3 spells.

Extended Reach
Pay the Fortune Teller’s fee.
It costs 15 gold but you’ll expand your playing field, which is very nice by the time you get this option.

It’s Logistics
Build a Nexus.
This is another T3 spell.

Build 5 villages.
You need to have 5 villages in one game, but “villages in a bottle” count toward this as well.

Earn 500 Stardrop Coins.
This has to be done in one run.

Read the final letter.
I got this on day 55. After a scary encounter with a judge.

Welcome Home
Revive a Familiar.
After you build the wonder “Mausoleum” you have a chance during the night to revive a familiar.

Third in the Ninth
Build the Third Waypoint.
This unlocks the T4 spells. You need 2x the Second waypoint for this.

Cold as Ice
Freeze an enemy.
I got this spell after building the Third Waypoint.

Immovable Object
Give a familiar a shield.
It is a T4 spell it seems and required an Umbral Mana which is quite rare at even at that point.

Unstoppable Force
Give a familiar a sword.
Another T4 spell, it also requires an umbral Mana to make this.

Earn 1000 Stardrop Coins.
This must be done in one save file.

Oldest in the Ninth
Build the Ancient Waypoint
For this, you need 2x a Third Waypoint, 2 swords, and 2 shields. Make a whole bunch of fireballs before even thinking about slotting the ancient Waypoint, and if you think that you’re ready….. think again and make more fireballs! Oh and also back up your save file! You wouldn’t want to start from scratch when you reach this point, wouldn’t ya?

Defeat the Void Herald.
I killed the Herald while only using Fireballs. However, you need to have them ready before summoning the Herald.

Riches Aplenty
Earn 2000 Stardrop Coins.
Again, this must be done in one save file.

Explore 500 times.
This gets easier later on as there is a wonder who lets a familiar jump onto an explore card automatically. So wait with grinding for this one until you have got that specific wonder.

Defy Fate
Defeat the lord of the Ninth.
Where you as scared as I was? Test 1 was already scary… but the further this did go the crazier it got!

Start a new game with custom advanced settings.
Before starting a new game, on the screen where you choose the witch, go to the advanced settings and change something. This will pop the moment your witch spawns in the new game.

Cook a meal as the Culinary Witch.
This can be done very early on in a new game with the Culinary Witch. You have to get the cauldron and 2 cooking ingredients, those last 2 you’ll find in the explore packs.

Chaos Enthusiast
Create the Chaos Gateway as the Chaos Witch.
This can be done very early on in a new game with the Chaos Witch. I expect that you can’t do this in a peaceful run, as you need the skulls of enemies.

Thank you!

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